Letter: Inglorious 12th

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I FIND the comments by Douglas McAdam and Alasdair Laing regarding the "Glorious Twelfth" (your report and Comment, 12 August) saddening, highly offensive and thoroughly dangerous. The thought of further large stretches of Scottish moorland (I don't care who owns it) ending up as black and brown striped desert is unlikely to increase tourism.

I recently drove past Lochindorb through clouds of smoke while muir-burning was in progress. I knew when I had left Mr Laing's estate: the notices along the side of the road stating "do not disturb the birds" (for "birds" read "grouse and grouse only") disappeared and the normal scenery of trees, bushes and other features that bring tourists to Scotland started again.

I hardly think the customers expected on this and other estates care one jot about the scenery as they blast away and brag about their shooting prowess to any fool who cares to listen.

Whether or not other facets of Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust policy help conservation, I will leave others to comment on. As for providing better predator control, the battle continues.



Dollar, Fife