Leave warns supporters of strong Scottish referendum vote

Picture: Ian Georgeson

Picture: Ian Georgeson

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The Leave campaign has sent out a memo warning that a strong Remain vote in Scotland and London would be enough to secure the UK’s place in the European Union.

In an email to supporters, Leave chief executive Matthew Elliott said: “Scotland and London are voting in big numbers. There is a very real chance that voters in London and Scotland will vote to keep us in the EU today despite the heartlands of the country voting to leave.

“We need your help to stop this from happening. Please call or text or email your friends and family who haven’t voted to make sure they vote Leave today.”

His message led to Remain supporters questioning why Mr Elliott did not regard Scotland or London as UK heartlands.

Tony Blair’s former spindoctor Alastair Campbell tweeted that the email was “not just desperate but weird. Since when did London/Scotland stop being UK heartlands?”

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