Jailed killer's internet reign of terror

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ABRUTAL killer who battered his neighbour to death with a paving stone is running a Bebo website from his prison cell to make threats and boast about his life behind bars.

John Graham, who was jailed three years ago, is serving a life sentence for the murder of joiner Thomas Hart, with a minimum term of 15 years before he can apply for parole. But the 24-year-old is using a smuggled mobile phone to post photographs of himself and fellow inmates inside Saughton Prison on the social networking site.

Posing for pictures inside his cell, Graham boasts on his web pages that himself and fellow youth gang members from the Pilton area are "on tour at Her Majesty's hotels".

Prison bosses have confirmed they are investigating the matter, which came to light after Graham allegedly used his Bebo site and a mobile phone to make threats against an Edinburgh mum.

The 18-year-old victim said she was left "terrified" after Graham repeatedly called her phone and sent messages saying she would be "raped and killed".

Graham's use of his Bebo page is the latest in a number of similar incidents and follows the case of a prisoner at Addiewell apparently discovered using a smuggled mobile phone to browse his Bebo site.

The Evening News can also today reveal that Graham's younger brother, who was jailed for life last October for fatally stabbing 31-year-old Mark Johnston in Haddington Place, has his own Bebo site. Photographs believed to show Philip Graham, 22, inside his prison cell are posted on his pages.

The news today sparked calls from Tory justice spokesman Bill Aitken for both a "full inquiry" to be carried out by jail chiefs, and a police investigation to determine whether John Graham can be prosecuted.

His Bebo site contains a string of vicious rants including threats against the "grassing *******" whom Graham claims will "suffer ten times more than I did" when he is finally released.

The site also features volleys of sectarian and racist abuse.

The killer has 206 "friends" on his page, and uses the site to keep in contact with family members and pals, including other north Edinburgh criminals serving their own jail terms. It is not clear whether Graham is using an illegal phone to directly update his site, or texting friends on the outside to make the posts for him.

A Scottish Prison Service (SPS) spokeswoman said it was "looking into" John Graham's alleged use of mobile phones and the internet while in jail. Both are outlawed for all inmates.

Graham, formerly of West Pilton, was jailed in April 2007 after being found guilty of the murder of Mr Hart, 51, almost exactly a year before. He smashed a 3.7 kilo stone over the head of Mr Hart outside his front door in West Pilton Lea in a dispute over 500.

A massive fracture split Mr Hart's skull from one eye socket round the back of his head almost to the other socket. His nose, cheekbones and jaw were all shattered after suffering several blows. Minutes later, witnesses saw the drunk 21-year-old laughing and shouting, "Ha ha, Tam's dead".

Graham is also serving a five-year sentence for a machete assault which left his 21-year-old victim scarred for life.

He allegedly made calls from prison to an Edinburgh teenager, the mother of a five-month-old daughter, as her brother is now dating the killer's ex- girlfriend. The teenager, who asked not to be named, said: "I knew John Graham before he was jailed because we lived in the same area. The calls started about two weeks ago. He's threatened to rape and kill me, my mum, and my daughter. He's said he'll have someone kill me so I've been left really terrified. He's inside for murder so I don't know what he's capable of.

"I can't believe it's so easy for him to do this while in prison. I hope they do something about it and take the phone off him."

Tory justice spokesman Bill Aitken said: "In soft-touch Scotland, all things are possible whilst in jail. Firstly, this man should not have a phone in prison, as that is forbidden, and secondly he should not be able to make calls of this type. A full inquiry should be carried out and, if appropriate, charges brought against this individual in light of the alleged threatening nature of these calls."

On his Bebo site, Graham calls himself the "ginger monkey" and tells those he blames for crossing him on the outside that they have "invited the devil into ur lifes". A number of photos are posted, including shots of Graham and other inmates each wearing prison issue clothes embossed with "SPS".

The site includes references to his affiliation with the city youth gang, Young Pilton Derry, while he writes that "last year has been the hardest year of my life" and "I hate all my past".

Graham also lists his favourite films as gangster movies Carlito's Way and Once Upon a Time in America, as well as In The Name of the Father about the Guildford four. When the Evening News visited his internet site yesterday, Graham had last been active updating his pages just 17 minutes before.

A Scottish Government spokesman said: "We have already made possession of a mobile phone or SIM card in prison an offence. And we are currently creating a new offence of using a mobile phone in prison with a tougher penalty of up to two years in prison."

Figures released to the Evening News in February showed 637 phones were recovered inside Saughton Prison between January 2008 and January this year. A total of 148 phones were found in the Addiewell jail over the same period.


SOCIAL networking sites have been used by both inmates at Lothian prisons and city youth gangs to keep in contact with friends and enemies alike.

Addiewell Prison in West Lothian, which is run by private firm Kalyx, has also been hit by controversy over the alleged use of Bebo websites by one of its inmates.

Last week, it was reported that Graham Murray, 25, from Dedridge, who was believed to have been jailed for assault to severe injury in November 2008, has been talking to his friends using the site for the past month after getting his hands on a smuggled mobile phone. A Kalyx spokeswoman today confirmed that the investigation into the allegations against Murray was "ongoing".

City gangs commonly pre-arrange their fights via their Bebo websites, with the final arrangements made by mobile phone to avoid alerting the police, who monitor the sites.

Edinburgh Young Team, the Young Leith Team, Young Lochend Shamrock, Young Mental Drylaw, and Young Niddrie Terrors are among the gangs which have made use of Bebo.

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