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I went to see the Tickling Jock exhibition at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery (Features, 21 February) and was delighted but also a bit disappointed.

This exhibition spotlights “Comedy greats from Sir Harry Lauder to Billy Connolly on the Parkinson show in 1975” and 
although most of the great Scottish comedians and comedy 
actors are represented here, there are some glaring omissions.

No sign of Richard Wilson, Gregor Fisher, Tony Roper, Elaine C Smith, Glen Daly, Scotland the What?, George Duffus and Colin Campbell.

Rikki Fulton and Jack Milroy in the guise of Francie and Josie are described as “Teddy Boys”. They’re Mods, not Rockers.

Lex MacLean is described as “never blue”. The researcher of this information obviously didn’t see Lex perform live!

I am apt to think that any exhibition of this sort should budget for changes throughout its run and provide the public with a book to register omissions, 
corrections and new information. When I called, the apparatus to record memories wasn’t working.

Gordon Wright

Mayfield Road


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