Iron Age finds won’t delay road

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TWO Iron Age settlements have been uncovered on the route of the new A1 expressway to the east of Edinburgh.

However, the discoveries will not delay work on the new road, archaeologists claimed.

The settlements were discovered at Phantassie Farm, near East Linton.

Archaeologist Dr Olivia Lelong said the finds, including pottery made by local tribes as well as Roman artefacts, were "very interesting".

She added: "We have discovered a lot of examples of ancient local pottery manufacture and there was also some early metal work in the settlement. It is not unusual to find these things around here but it has been a very interesting dig for us."

The first site was uncovered when initial investigations into the new road took place, while the second was found when digging work began two weeks ago.

The archaeological dig is now complete and experts are satisfied that they have recovered everything of interest from both sites.

Work on the road will continue as normal despite the discoveries. Dr Lelong said: "The digs on the expressway have now finished."

The new road is being built to replace the existing A1 in East Lothian and should speed up journey times for commuters coming into the city from the east.

Last year, the delicate remains of an Iron Age chariot were discovered by experts to the west of Edinburgh. The chariot was described as one of the most important historical finds made in Scotland.