Serial killer Brady’s burial plans not disclosed at inquest

The burial plans for Moors Murderer Ian Brady remain a mystery, as an inquest heard he died of natural causes.

Airlines have called for a ban on early morning alcohol sales at airports.

Airport alcohol ban call after Scottish arrest figures released

A leading low fares airline has renewed calls for greater controls on the sale of alcohol to passengers travelling through airports, after new figures revealed more than 120 people have been arrested at Scotland’s main hubs over the past 20 months.

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The breath - and control of it - really is the key to yoga, says Caroline Foster.

Caroline Foster: Stressed and tense? The trick is to control breathing

For the first year or so that I attended yoga classes, when the teacher told us to breathe, I just thought ‘Well, I am breathing, obviously, otherwise I would be dead’, or something along those lines, if I gave it that much thought at all. Yoga to me, at that time, was a nice stretchy exercise class with a wee nap at the end. It was only after a few months’ break from classes that I realised the positive impact yoga was having on my life. And I wondered if maybe there was something more to all this ‘breathing’?

Pro-choice campaigners known as Handmaids protest in Ireland Photo credit should read: Brian Lawless/PA Wire

Call for action after women seek abortion pills

The UK’s abortion laws need to be overhauled to allow women to have an early termination at home, a charity has warned, as a study revealed that more than 500 British women tried to get abortion pills online from a website over a four-month period.

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A third of Scots are suffering from a lack of sleep. Picture: PA

One in three Scots ‘not getting enough sleep’

A nationwide survey of issues affecting quality of life has found that one in three Scots complain they are not getting enough sleep.

Daily Mile founder Elaine Wyllie, left, and sports minister Aileen Campbell, centre, with ScottishPower staff enjoying their Daily Mile. Picture: John Devlin

Bid to make Scotland a ‘Daily Mile nation’ after pupil scheme

It’s now a common sight in school playgrounds across the country as pupils are put through their paces each day.

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Martin Davidson: Give the kids a sense of adventure – and watch them become grown-ups

The Skills for Life Award is the pinnacle of Outward Bound courses engaging participants in significant levels of adventure, often resulting in life-changing development of personal and interpersonal skills and confidence.

Workers are being urged to copy pupils in completing a Daily Mile. Picture: Dave Scott

Leader comment: Daily Mile should be for all

It was a beautifully simple idea that has caught on in schools across Scotland, with thousands of pupils now walking or jogging a mile a day.

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Ninewells Hospital. Picture: Contributed.

Nurse loses legal action over parking fines at hospital

A nurse who racked up 15 parking fines because she worked beyond the end of her shift has lost a landmark legal case against hospital car park operators.

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James Cant, Director of BHF Scotland

James Cant: Do you know how to help if someone has a cardiac arrest? If not, find out and save a life

In Scotland, in 2017, where you live shouldn’t determine your chances of suffering a serious cardiac event. But a recent Scottish Government report has shown that people who live in our most deprived communities face a double danger when it comes to cardiac arrest. They have a significantly higher risk of having one, and a considerably lower risk of surviving it.

Dr Jo Bowden says that lung cancer patients who are supported by palliative care spend less time in hospital are more likely to receive end-of-life assistance in their own home or a hospice. Picture: Ian Rutherford.

Dr Jo Bowden: Taking the worry out of lung cancer

Lung cancer is the most common cancer in Scotland. It is also a disease with a particularly poor prognosis, with fewer than 10 per cent of patients in Scotland surviving longer than five years from diagnosis.

While there are anti-cancer treatment options, such as radiotherapy, chemotherapy or surgery, these are not appropriate for everyone due to other serious illnesses, frailty or the extent of the cancer. The agreed plan for these patients is Best Supportive Care (BSC), a palliative care approach where the priority is maintaining the best possible quality of life in the face of advancing illness.

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Scotland's first communal home for over 50s to be built. Picture: Express/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Scotland’s first communal home for elderly divorcees and widowers

Scotland’s first co-living community for elderly divorcees and widowers is set to be built by the end of next year.

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Little Mason Hale, six, from Buckie, Moray, is allergic to almost everything and has suffered thousands of allergic reactions in his short life. Picture: 
Michael Traill

The life-saving dog who will be little boy’s best friend

A five-month-old puppy is being trained to save the life of his owner – a six-year-old boy.

Reports place new health and social care 
partnerships in the spotlight again. Picture: John Devlin

Leader comment: Being judged on the care of the elderly

Any society is judged on how it treats and cares for its most vulnerable residents.

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The report found it was not always possible to ensure that all scheduled care visits were provided

Frail Scots miss out on basic care in national staffing crisis

Scotland’s leading support group for the elderly has warned of a national crisis in the care sector following reports that patients in parts of the country are being left without food, water and essential medicines.

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Labour peer Tessa Jowell who has been diagnosed with brain cancer, her family has announced.  Pictture: Anthony Devlin/PA Wire

Labour peer Tessa Jowell diagnosed with brain cancer

Labour peer Tessa Jowell has been diagnosed with brain cancer, her family has announced.

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Neil Findlay with his wife Fiona.

Labour’s Neil Findlay tells of wife’s battle with breast cancer

Labour politician Neil Findlay has written movingly about his wife Fiona’s battle with breast cancer and the support they received as she fought the illness.

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Chief Medical Officer Catherine Calderwood argues in favour of spending more on care and less on invasive treatments of little benefit near the end of life. Photograph: Neil Hanna

Chief medical officer reveals ‘untold story’ over invasive treatment for terminally ill

Scotland’s chief medical officer has revealed the “untold story” of families who wished their terminally ill loved ones had forgone the decision to have invasive treatment for a better quality end of life.

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Royal Hospital for Sick Kids sold to property developers

Edinburgh Sick Kids hospital sold to developers

Property developers have struck a multi-million pound deal with health board bosses to buy a children’s hospital.

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