Harnessing her heavenly contacts

LUCINDA Shon’s husband is not convinced of his wife’s celestial powers, but plenty of other people are. And the only business of its kind in Scotland which uses the power of the angels to offer health and happiness to those who seek their help has taken off - heavenward - for the mother of three from Banchory, Aberdeenshire.

Mrs Shon, 37, says she has been in touch with people’s mysterious personal angels from above ever since she was a little girl. Even her husband, Adam, is sceptical of her claims - but that did not stop her launching her own "angel therapy" business.

Mrs Shon says of her powers: "My husband is a sceptic - but that is good. It’s a job I love, people benefit from it, and they pay me.

"I can heighten awareness of angels and the universe so you can experience unconditional love and take it home."

Customers have been flocking for her treatments and getting in touch with their angels - despite others being sceptical. Mrs Shon said: "When I was about ten, I realised not everyone was like me. It’s something I have grown up with and felt I had to keep quiet about at first. But as you get older you cannot deny who you are."

"Once you learn how to contact your angels and receive their messages life becomes easier and you will find the answers to all your questions.

"Not only is this comforting but it also builds your self-esteem and confidence. It’s all about getting control of your life."

She added: "When my youngest child got out of nursery the business idea developed from there.

"Over the past year it has just gone mad - business has mushroomed. I have not really advertised - it has just been word of mouth.

"Only once have I had one person, who was very religious, who thought such things should only be done through the church."

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