Group claims swine flu vaccine not necessary

DEMONSTRATORS marched through Edinburgh yesterday to protest against the swine flu vaccination programme.

The group believes the H1N1 epidemic is not as serious as claimed and have concerns about the safety and usefulness of the vaccine.

About 80 people marched along the Royal Mile from St Giles' Cathedral to the Parliament.

Organiser Claire Knox said they hoped the protest would encourage people to think twice about getting the vaccine.

She believes figures for the numbers of people suffering swine flu are not accurate and questioned the necessity for vaccination.

She said: "We're not sure there is a pandemic as it seems the numbers are exaggerated. It appears swine flu is very mild and there are very few cases and I would like to know why they are trying to enforce this vaccination campaign on us.

"The vaccine has not gone through full length testing so there are safety concerns. We just want to highlight the discrepancies and manipulation of numbers so people question whether they need the vaccine."

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