Good Crieff, he's still a games star at 70

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HIGHLAND games heavyweight Bill Anderson will take part in the Crieff Highland Gathering tomorrow for an astonishing 50th time.

Mr Anderson, 70, from Aberdeen, first competed at Crieff in 1958. In a 30-year career he won the event 18 times and never finished outside the top three.

Mr Anderson has judged the competition since retiring in 1988, when he won the heavyweight championship for the last time.

He said: "After winning Crieff when I was 50 I thought it was time to retire and give the young lads a chance. Since then I have always been a judge, except for one year when I was invited to be chieftain.

"In 50 years I have had a great time and I'm very proud of all my achievements. The Games are important for Scotland and for Scottish people."

He has held every Scottish record possible, and still holds the record at Crieff, which attracts thousands every year, for the 22lb hammer.

In 1981 Mr Anderson won the Scottish Highland Games World Championship in Melbourne, Australia.

Colin McGregor, director of the Crieff Highland Gathering, said: "Bill is the embodiment of a traditional Scottish athlete. He has been involved in the Highland Games for 50 years and has travelled the world promoting these traditional Scottish events.

"He has done more than anyone for Highland Games internationally.

"In the 1960s and 1970s he put the sport on the map and he is still passionate about bringing young guys into the event."

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