Glasgow University principal expresses "regret" over police storming of student protest

The principal of Glasgow University is to hold an investigation into its failed attempt to end a student occupation, amid criticisms of a heavy police presence.

Protesters were removed following a seven-week sit-in at the Hetherington Club on Tuesday, but have since returned.

An investigation panel will look into events surrounding the eviction, which led to the deployment of dozens of officers and a police helicopter.

In a bid to improve communications between the university and students, principal Anton Muscatelli will hold an open meeting tomorrow.

Mr Muscatelli expressed his regret over "the deeply unfortunate events" in

an email to all staff and students today.

He wrote: "Like many of you, it is a cause of great concern to me that the day's events unfolded as they did, causing anxiety to both staff and students.

"The action was instigated by university staff who were keen to bring the seven-week-long student occupation at the Hetherington to a peaceful end.

"Unfortunately that was not the outcome, and the police then took the actions that many colleagues and students witnessed.

"I regret this and the train of events that was set in motion.

"I fully understand the concerns that many of you have that the action was excessive and unnecessary."

The students who occupied the Hetherington resumed their sit-in on Wednesday.

The group, who are protesting over the university's cost-cutting proposals to merge or drop courses, went on to occupy part of the main university building before bosses agreed to let them return to 13 University Gardens.

The investigation panel will be made up of representatives from the University Court, the University Senate and the Student Representative Council (SRC).

The open meeting will take place on Friday between 12 and 1.50pm in the Bute Hall.

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