Ghouls stole my tools so I'm too spooked to work alone

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THEY'VE been left quivering in their work boots because of things going bump in the night.

Workers transforming a former West End church into a pub have even refused to work nightshifts – because they're too scared of the ghosts they fear linger there.

Tools have gone missing and spine-tingling moving shadows have been spotted at the Rutland Place building, all proving too much for tradesmen to bear.

Foreman Ross McMillan, 29, said: "People were really troubled about being here at night. On some occasions, some of the guys said they wouldn't come in.

"It's been really quite scary."

Teams of workmen have been transforming the A-listed building for nearly a year, ahead of its opening this month as a three-story bar and entertainment venture.

The venue was originally a church, but eventually became home to the Stanley Berkeley Casino, which has been closed for around five years.

Mr McMillan said: "When we arrived at the site it was quite a mess, with water dripping from the ceilings.

"We've been seeing things ever since, particularly in the morning when shadows just move for no reason.

"On night shifts, when there were just a few of us, we would hear walking noises from the upper floors – even though we knew nobody was up there."

• The Rutland Place church which is being revamped into a pub

The foreman said he once searched for hours looking for a drill he had left in a tool store that morning, only to eventually find it on another floor of the building.

He said: "It was in January, and I specifically remember where I left it. Nobody had used it as we all have our own tools.

"I thought there was something dodgy going on, wondering if it was a theft to blame or a ghost."

Most of the ghostly goings-on have taken place in the basement of the building in what has become a cloakroom, along with toilets and staff quarters.

A stone staircase leading to the area – near to the main entrance to the building – has been the location for many unexplained shadow sightings, making their way up the passageway when people get near.

General manager Innes Wishart, 31, said: "There have been occasions when there have been two or three workers on at night, working on different floors, yet things have moved and they cannot find them.

"At the start, I was quite sceptical, but then some of the staff came to me refusing to work overnight because of this. They basically said they were not comfortable to work here so we had to double up the teams."

The church dates back to 1843 when it was constructed as St Thomas's Episcopal Church. It was rebuilt on Glasgow Road, Corstorphine, in 1938 – but perhaps left a few spirits behind.

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