Game of the week: Family Guy: Back To The Multiverse

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IF YOU are thinking to yourself “my brother/son/nephew/husband/wife loves Family Guy this will be the perfect Christmas gift”, think again.

Family Guy: Back To
The Multiverse

Activision, PS3/Xbox 360, £39.99

In this basic, repetitive and outdated game you take control of evil baby Stewie and his droll doggie companion Brian (switching between the two or together) and spend time on mundane fetch quests, while shooting badly animated baddies. Repeat across multiple parallel universes until fatigue set in. Über fans might get a few kicks from the storyline, and the show’s voice cast give it an authentic Family Guy feel, but the gags are almost non-existent and don’t live up to the brand. Licensed games are often a bit shoddy but this is just plain lazy.

Henry Northmore

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