Galloway's travels - Part II

WE WERE struck by how many people of all political hues enjoyed the screening of Mr Galloway Goes to Washington last week.

Well, we have good news as we hear from a liege of the Laird o' Coocaddens that plans are afoot for Scottish Television to do a wee documentary so folks will get another opportunity to watch George's performance in glorious technicolour.

STV may not have got the inside track initially as they were not on George's radar, while BBC Scotland and Bob Wylie obviously were. But our man at Coocaddens dubs it "George's Last Hurrah in Scotland".

However, will the Laird include what must be remembered as a classic putdown in the annals of feuding between old lefties, when Galloway was accosted by transatlantic polemicist Christopher Hitchens at the Senate? "You're a drink-soaked former-Trotskyist popinjay," Mr Galloway informed him. "Your hands are shaking. You badly need another drink."

There's no answer to that, especially as when The Scotsman interviewed Hitch a couple of years ago about his fine book on Orwell. Our man recalls: "He wellied a few whiskies before we even got anywhere near the wine."

Meantime, our man on Capitol Hill tells us the Senate committee on homeland security and government affairs has removed Galloway's testimony from its website. All other witness testimonies for the hearings on the Oil for Food scandal are still available in PDF form but not George's.

As for Norm Coleman, the committee's chairman, even The Conservative Choice website in the US reckons his chances of running for president are toast after the grilling he got from George.

Bianca rides into town

MEL Young, who launched the Big Issue in Scotland, may be turning the Usher Hall in Edinburgh into Studio 54 for one night only, as well as strutting his stuff naked ... but it is all in a good cause, of course.

Mel has invited Bianca Jagger to join the Fairtrade Gathering: World Music Concert in the capital on 1 July during the G8 summit and anti-poverty week and she has accepted.

And what better way to show appreciation than to re-enact Bianca's famous entrance at the opening of Studio 54 in New York back in the Seventies, when she was led in on a white horse by a naked man.

It would cause quite a stir on Lothian Road and, if Mel ain't willing, we are sure George Galloway, or even Tommy Sheridan, would be.

Young, who now runs New Consumer, the UK's fair trade lifestyle magazine, has also achieved something Jack McConnell & Co couldn't. He's bringing the World Cup to Scotland in July.

That's the Homeless World Cup and, for that, we insist he puts on at least a pair of shorts.

A bedtime story with Gazza

KENNY Logan's big night, hosted by Super Ally and Kirsty Gallacher, went with a bang for everyone except maybe Steve Cram.

He was slightly apprehensive under starter's orders at the Glasgow Hilton as on his last visit he had described Seb Coe as "a tight-arsed Tory git" and someone told The Guardian.

McCoist consoled him: "Don't worry, no-one reads it up here."

But he didn't say anything about telling The Scotsman.

Meantime, McCoist recalled when Rangers celebrated a title win in the hotel. In the wee sma 'oors the hotel manager was called to Gazza's room after a complaint. He found him in bed with a cigar, two young ladies, drinking champagne and his ghetto blaster at full volume.

Gazza refused to turn it down, even when the manager enlisted Walter Smith and McCoist. Finally Walter threatened him. "If you don't, I'll tell Sheryl you were in bed with two girls, drinking champagne and smoking a cigar."

"Ooo, don't do that, boss. Sheryl doesn't know ah smoke."

Milk, two sugars and pinch of salt, Your Highness

PRINCE Charles does like to expose his green credentials, but we were slightly sceptical when he proclaimed at an energy conference last week that he goes around the house switching off lights and only half-fills the kettle when making a cup of tea.

Somehow, we just can't grasp the image of HRH brewing up and asking if anyone wants a cuppa. Especially as it is on record that his man squeezes the toothpaste on to his brush for him, and holds his specimen bottle when nature calls and his trews up for him to slip his legs into.

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