Former bank boss's wife, 90, hit cyclist

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THE wife of a former governor of the Bank of Scotland was ordered to pay a £200 fine and had six penalty points put on her licence yesterday for driving carelessly and colliding with a cyclist.

Edinburgh Sheriff Court heard that Lady Suzanne Risk, 90, who is married to Sir Thomas Risk, had waited until she thought it safe to pull out at a junction.

Ewan Easton, defending, said a number of cars had passed and it was possible cyclist Robert Benn was concealed behind them. As a result of the accident, he developed complications, including internal bleeding.

Since the accident, Lady Risk had had her eyes checked and her driving tested, which revealed she had a high degree of competence.

Lady Risk, of Inverleith Place, Edinburgh, admitted careless driving and colliding with Mr Benn last October in Queensferry Road, Edinburgh.

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