Rare white stag takes family on magical mystery tour

The white stag spotted by Michelle Veitch and her family

The white stag spotted by Michelle Veitch and her family


THEY are a rare, majestic sight associated with good fortune and mystery.

And it was the luck of one family who came across a white stag while driving through a Highland forest.

Anthony and Michelle Veitch were on a journey near Taynuilt in Argyll with four-year-old daughter Olivia and her little brother Harrison.

They were on the way to Olivia’s dance school at the weekend when the stag appeared.

But, rather than running off, the family were given a good viewing of the beast.

Mrs Veitch, 30, said the deer usually disappear into the trees, but this stag remained still, putting on a much-appreciated show.

She added: “This one just kep walking up the road in front of us.

“It led us a considerable distance up the road until we got to a cattle grid and it jumped into the woods.

“We went over the grid and parked, and there it was again right in front of us, staring straight at us. I took its picture then it just silently disappeared into the woods again.”

When she looked up white stags on the computer she discovered they are regarded as the bearers of good fortune.

Mrs Veitch said: “The whole thing sounds like a good omen to me. I hope so. Christmas is coming up and a Lottery win would be nice.”

Scottish Natural Heritage said white deer are rare and are either albino or have a rare genetic pattern called leucism, which causes a reduction in the pigment of their skin and hair.




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