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Schools by region A-Z

All Saints RC

229 Ryehill Rd, Glasgow G21 3EN

Tel: 0141-582 0010


Head: Ann Floyd Roll : 1058

Motto: Learning, motivation, success

Free school meals: 38 per cent

Unauthorised absence: 0.5 pc

Uniform/dress code: Uniform compulsory for all pupils.

Community links: Responsible Citizenship is a strong feature for all pupils. We encourage them to understand the dynamics of their place within our local and global community– many S6 pupils work weekly with nursery schools. Charity events this year raised 3000.

What qualities do you try to instil in pupils to take beyond their school years? Pupils are strongly immersed in gospel values such as tolerance, love, respect, the dignity of the individual and so on. These form the basis for all relationships. We have a dynamic multi-cultural community and this supports our focus on respect and mutual understanding

Bannerman High

Glasgow Rd, Baillieston, Glasgow,

Tel: 0141-582 0020



Head: Jacqueline Purdie Roll: 1343

Free school meals: 14.4 per cent

Unauthorised absence: 0.1 per cent

Extra-curricular activities: Football, badminton, Duke of Edinburgh Award, body conditioning, bike club, public speaking/debating, chess, school show, foreign trips.

Uniform/dress code: Black skirt/trousers, white shirt and school tie

Community links: Pupils make major charity contributions each session. Senior pupils participate in the Mark Scott Leadership for Life Scheme

Vocational education: Pupils take part in city council pre-vocational training in areas like construction, childcare and financial services

Qualities: Always aim for a personal best in anything you do.

Bellahouston Academy & Glasgow School of Sport

30 Gower Tr, Glasgow, G41 5QE Tel: 0141-582 0030

E-mail: headteacher@bellahouston


Head: Ian Anderson Roll: 912

Motto: Allere flammam (feed the flame of knowledge)

Free school meals: 29.5 per cent

Unauthorised absence: 0.3 pc

Extra-curricular activities: Hosts huge range of sporting activities. Large number of trips for example to Iona as part of link with Iona Community, Valencia, and outdoor education centres. Sport scholarship links with Australia and Russia. Hugely successful school show.

Uniform/dress code: Black and gold sweatshirt with school-crest; polo shirt with school crest; white tie/blouse and black and gold tie; shalwar kameez.

Community links: Community involvement classes organise annual pensioners' festive treat, attended by up to 200 members of local day care centres and OAP homes.

Vocational education: Participant in Council's Vocational Programme and very close links with local colleges, especially Cardonald College.

Qualities: Respect for and willingness to celebrate diversity in all its guises as well as a willingness to stretch horizons and expectations of each individual's capability. The school also has a proud tradition of multi-cultural education and adopts a robust anti-racist stance.

Famous ex-pupils: Ian Durrant; Chick Young; Jimmy Logan

Castlemilk High

223 Castlemilk Drive, Glasgow, G45 9JY

Tel: 0141-582 0050


Head: Brian McAlinden Roll: 467

Motto: Nothing But the Best Will Do

Free school meals: 50.3 per cent

Unauthorised absence: 0.2 pc

Cleveden Secondary

42 Cleveden Rd, Glasgow G12 0JW

Tel: 0141-582 0060



Head: Kay Duffus Roll: 1141

Motto: Be all you can be

Free school meals: 32.3 per cent

Unauthorised absence: 0.7 pc

Drumchapel High

45 Cally Av, Glasgow, G15 7SQ

Tel: 0141-582 0070


Head: May Winton Roll : 696

Motto: Do your best

Free school meals: 51 per cent

Unauthorised absence: 1.1 per cent

Community links: Table tennis launch, 18 April

Vocational education:Part of GCC pre vocational training programme

Qualities: Achieving their potential, respect

Eastbank Academy

26 Academy St, Shettleston, Glasgow, G32

Tel: 0141-582 0080



Acting Head: Alan Jones Roll: 1256

Motto: Splendeat Lux

Free school meals: 32.1 per cent

Unauthorised absence: 1.3 pc

Extra-curricular activities: Drama club, orchestra and choir, IT Club, basketball, badminton, four football teams, netball. street dance, debating, Duke of Edinburgh Award, chess. Strong programme of outdoor education at Loch Eil centre.

Uniform/dress code: Pupils wear a white shirt and tie, and black trousers or skirt. Senior pupils wear blazers and for S6 pupils a very distinctive gold and black tie.

Community links: Pupils involved in various activities like Crime and Grime and charity fundraising at Forge Shopping Centre. Senior pupils also work in local SEN schools to support pupils in their classes. We collect over 700 every month for charities by non-uniform day.

Vocational education: Many pupils have college placements as part of curriculum and our Christmas leavers may attend full time college placements We have an extremely strong Culinary Excellence programme, which allowed pupils to cook for Gordon Ramsay and work in top hotels and restaurants. S6 pupils can also spend one day at week at Glasgow Caledonian University studying fashion brand retailing.

Qualities: In Eastbank, our aim is to maximise opportunity for all pupils to develop their skills and potential, while preparing them to take their place in an ever changing society.

Famous ex-pupils: Prof Ian Jackson of Boy David fame and his wife Marjory Jackson, nee Dalrymple; Cliff Hanley, author/broadcaster; Craig Armstrong, composer.

Govan High

12 Ardnish St, Glasgow, G51 4NB

Tel: 0141-582 0090



Head: Iain White Roll: 434

Free school meals: 42.9 per cent

Unauthorised absence: 0 per cent

Motto: Nihil sine labore

Hillhead High

Oakfield Av, Glasgow, G12 8LJ

Tel: 0141-582– 0100



Motto: Nous maintiendrons (We will keep up tradition)

Head: DK Cunningham Roll: 909

Free school meals: 29.5 per cent

Unauthorised absence: 0.2 pc

Hillpark Secondary

36 Cairngorm Rd, Glasgow G43 2XB

Tel: 0141-582 0110



Head: Joan Donnelly Roll: 1158

Motto: Integer vitae (The whole of life or the whole child)

Free school meals: 31.8 per cent

Unauthorised absence: 0.5pc

Extra-curricular activities: Hillpark was Glasgow School of Sports 2004. Activities include football, drama, badminton, volleyball, chess, modern dance, choir, instrumental groups, horse-riding,skiing and gymnastics.

Uniform/dress code: The school has a strict dress code policy. We have both a senior and junior tie.

Community links: We have a number of links with local businesses through our Enterprise Activities.

Vocational education:A number of pupils in S3 and S4 take part in the GCC Vocational courses and also the Xelerate Programme.

Qualities?We hope pupils become active and responsible citizens.

Holyrood Secondary

100 Dixon Road, Glasgow, G42 8AU

Tel: 0141-582 0120



Head: Tom McDonald Roll: 2011

Motto: Hoc Vince (thus we conquer)

Free school meals: 22.5 per cent

Unauthorised absence: 0.5 pc

Hyndland Secondary

Lauderdale Gardens, Glasgow, G12 9RQ

Tel: 0141-582 0130


Head: Ian Alexander Roll: 967

Motto: Spero meliora (I hope for better things)

Free school meals: 14. per cent

Unauthorised absence: 0 per cent

John Paul Academy

Arrochar St, Glasgow, G23 5LY

Tel: 0141-582 0140


Acting Head: Charles Docherty

Roll: 685

Motto: In scientia caritas abundet (May your goodness grow with your knowledge)

Free school meals: 36.3 pc

Unauthorised absence: 0.2 pc

Extra-curricular activities: Wide range including book club, orchestra, annual show, badminton, athletics, football, outward bound and fitness classes.

Uniform/dress code: dark trousers/skirt, blue shirt, junior school tie, senior school tie, school sweatshirt.

Community links: Pupils work with local care home and hospital, contribute to and deliver Christmas parcels to elderly people. Our young people are working on a number of projects with groups such as Maryhill Burgh Hall Community Trust and Mark Scott Leadership for Life.

Qualities: Resilience, perseverance and an open and enquiring attitude to all around them.

Famous ex-pupils: Paul McNamara, European Space Agency; Stephen Frail, Hearts FC coach; Frank McFadden, artist.

King's Park Secondary

14 Fetlar Dr, Glasgow, G44 5BL

Tel: 0141-582 0150


Head: Margaret Barr Roll: 1065

Free school meals: 15.8 per cent

Unauthorised absence: 0.6 pc

Motto: Video meliora petoque (I reach for great things)

Extra-curricular activities: Wide range of sport and music plus cheerleeding, computer club, chess, eco-schools group, charities group.

Uniform/dress code: Full school uniform is supported strongly by parents, staff and local authority.

Community links: Active Citizenship groups and individuals link effectively with primary, nursery and special schools, residents, charities and colleges.

Vocational education: Pupils in S3-4 have option to take part in Glasgow's Vocational Training Programme. S5-6 pupils may attend college courses as part of curriculum. Enterprise and Employability Officer works with staff to embed vocational education and employability skills in much of what we do.

Qualities: Ability to spot and seize opportunities for themselves and others. An inbuilt determination to be responsible citizens of our school, our city and country, and the world. A lifelong desire to continue learning.

Famous ex-pupils: Cameron McNeish, climber, broadcaster and author; Bobby Gillespie, Primal Scream; David Sibbald, Vice-President of the UK Committee for UNICEF;Alan McGee, founder of Creation Records; Andrea Calderwood, film producer; Jane McCarry, Still Game actress.

Knightswood School

60 Knightswood Rd, Glasgow, G13 2XD

Tel: 0141-582 0160



Head: Ian Muchan Roll: 1368

Free school meals: 26.8 per cent

Unauthorised absence: 0.2 pc

Lochend Community High

20 Cairnbrook Rd, Glasgow, G34 ONZ

Tel: 0141-582 0170


Head: Gordon Shaw Roll: 706

Free school meals: 48 per cent

Unauthorised absence: 0.6 pc

Lourdes Secondary

47 Kirriemuir Avenue, Glasgow G52 3DF

Tel : 0141-582 0180



Motto: Success for All

Head: Frank Corrigan Roll : 1178

Free school meals : 19.9 per cent

Unauthorised absence : 1.1 per cent

Notre Dame High

160 Observatory Rd, Glasgow

Tel: 0141-582 0190

E: headteacher@notredame


Head: Philomena McFadden

Roll: 802

Motto: A qu'il est bon, le bon Dieu (How good is the good God)

Free school meals: 28.8 per cent

Unauthorised absence: 0.1 per cent

Extra-curricular activities: Debating, eco-group, justice and peace, values in action, mentoring, fund-raising groups, drama group, choir and orchestra, digital video, it and internet challenges, skiing, gymnastics, and football.

Uniform/dress code: Brown school blazer, jumper and skirt, blue shirt/tie. Special S6 tie with school crest.

Community links: Annual St Patrick's Day senior citizens treat. Links with parishes fundraising, for example 1,500 donated to support families in need at Christmas. Support to Simon Community in form of gifts and volunteer pupils working in soup kitchen. Parent Council now successfully established.

Vocational education: Highly successful vocational training programme whose impact is reflected in the destination statistics with 13pc of leavers entering Training and 6pc employment. In addition, 45pc enter Higher Education and 25pc Further Education. All leaver destinations above average.

Qualities: Notre Dame is a school with a tremendous sense of community, where pupils are expected and encouraged to share responsibility for the well-being and growth of themselves and others throughout their lives.

Famous ex-pupils: Elish Angiolini, QC and Lord Advocate; Maureen Beattie, actress; Claire Grogan, actress/singer.

Rosshall Academy

131 Crookston Rd, Glasgow, G523PD

Tel: 0141-582 0200


Web: Available August 2006

Head: Rae Renwick

Roll: 1,215

Free school meals: 23 per cent

Unauthorised absence: 1.2 per cent

Extra-curricular activities: Wide range of sports. Art, drama and music are particular strengths and there are a wide variety of curricular and foreign trips made each year.

Uniform/dress code: Full school uniform is encouraged.

Community links: Good links with Cardonald College; many pupils attend there and college provides outreach classes. Excellent links within the Learning Community which includes five primaries, two special schools and two nurseries. Many groups use our facilities in the evenings.

Vocational education: Piloting alternative curriculum for a cohort of S3/4 pupils with funding from GCC and the Hunter Foundation

Qualities: Responsible citizens, confident individuals, successful individuals, effective contributors

Famous ex-pupils: Billy Davies, ex manager of Derby County and John McKay STV News presenter.

Glasgow Gaelic School

Sgoil Ghidhlig Ghlaschu

147 Berkeley St, Glasgow

Tel: 0141-276 8500


Head: Donalda McComb

Roll: 33

Motto: D Chnan. D Chultur. Iomadh Cothrom (Two languages. Two Worlds. Many opportunities.)

Free school meals: n/a

Unauthorised absence: n/a

Shawlands Academy

31 Moss-side Rd, Glasgow, G41 3TR

Tel: 0141-582 0210



Head: Ann Grant Roll: 1273

Motto: Sola nobilitas virtus (Virtue is the only nobility)

Free school meals: 26.4 per cent

Unauthorised absence: 0.3pc

Smithycroft School

282 Smithycroft Rd, Glasgow, G33 2QU

Tel: 0141-582 0220


Head: David Cumming Roll: 699

Free school meals: 40.9 per cent

Unauthorised absence: 0.2 pc

Springburn Academy

151 Edgefauld Road, Glasgow G21 4JL

Tel: 0141-582 0230



Head: Elizabeth Ervine Roll: 1035

Motto: Success for All

Free school meals: 41.3 per cent

Unauthorised absence: 0.2pc

Extra-curricular activities: Basketball, badminton, football, Spanish, Scotland young football supporters' club, outward bound, skiing, theatre, young authors' and young students' club.

Uniform/Dress Code: A strict policy on all pupils wearing smart trousers and school sweatshirt or shirt and tie. Community links: Excellent links through Scottish Business in the Community. Glasgow North Housing Association, Dell Computers, Harper Collins, Enterprise Cars and McGhee's Bakery are some of the Companies involved. They provide careers information sessions and business mentoring for pupils.

Vocational education:Pupils able to choose a vocation option in S3, including engineering at Stow College, pre-construction at Metropolitan and pre-vocational at Glasgow North College.

Qualities School tries to engender a spirit of ambition, encouraging leadership skills through Outward Bound links. Pupil mentors are trained in S2 and S4. Pupils in 5th and 6th Year are encouraged to develop responsibilities and leadership.

St Andrew's Secondary

47 Torphin Cres, Glasgow, G32 6QE

Tel: 0141-582 0240



Head: Bruce Malone Roll: 1,536

Motto: Fidus et audax (Faith and courage)

Free meals: 32.4 per cent

Unauthorised absence: 0.2 pc

Extra-curricular activities: Football; cheerleading; young enterprise; school choir; school bands; Scottish Cup u-14 basketball winners 2008; pupil newsletter, Andrew's News; young people involved in organisation of a major leadership conference last year.

Uniform/dress code: School pullover; white shirt and school tie; dark trousers/dark skirt; appropriate footwear.

Community links: Strong continuing links with parishes and business. Successful fundraising activities during Advent (Advent Walk to Jerusalem with Archbishop Conti December 2007) and Lent 2008.

Vocational education:Strong links with colleges and external agencies.

Qualities: Gospel values including, dignity, love, respect and trust.

St. Margaret Mary's RC Secondary School

9 Birgidale Rd, Glasgow G45 9NJ

Tel: 0141-582 0250


Head: James Hendrie Roll: 501

Motto: Only the best will do

Free school meals: 50.2 per cent

Unauthorised absence: 0 per cent

Extra-curricular activities: Football, rugby, skiing, badminton, rowing; clubs in music, enterprise, drama, Spanish, maths; various outward bound outings, trips and excursions (Global Citizenship Project sending 6 pupils to Ecuador, Summer 2008); school discos and dances are well-supported; many pupils learn musical instruments.

Uniform/dress code: Sweatshirts/polo shirts; shirt/blouse; tie, navy blue/black skirt/trousers.

Community links: Every year all pupils participate in the school's charity 'fun day', and take part in all aspects of the local and wider community which helps to promote a sense of citizenship

Vocational education:Glasgow Council Pre-Voc Initiative, Worknet Groups through Careers Scotland.

Qualities: Successful, self-confident pupils who care for others through stated values for life based on the values of the gospel.

St Mungo's Academy

Crownpoint Rd, Glasgow G40 2RA

Tel: 0141-582 0260


Head: John Reilly Roll: 829

Motto: Bringing Out The Best

Free School Meals: 36 per cent

Unauthorised absence: 0

St Paul's High

36 Damshot Rd, Glasgow, G53 5HW

Tel: 0141-582 0040


Head: Rod O'Donnell Roll: 698

Motto: Aiming high for young people

Free school meals: 39.3 per cent

Unauthorised absence: 0.8 pc

Extra-curricular activities: HMIE identified as a key strength of St Paul's "the outstanding range of opportunities for pupils to learn beyond the classroom which was having a positive impact on their personal development." Many benefited from involvement in successful musical performances and annual pantomime and gained success in sports and other competitions. A group of pupils spent time in Ecuador last summer helping to build an orphanage and one pupil is returning this year.

Uniform/dress code: Black Trousers/Skirt, Black Sweatshirt, White Shirt, Red, Black & Gold Tie

Community links: St. Paul'shas a very positive reputation in its local and wider community and was rated by HMIE as excellent in its partnership with parents, community and a wide range of external bodies and agencies.

Vocational education:Involvement in XL Prince's Trust work has resulted in notable success for pupils including the nomination of one as Young Person of the year.

Qualities: A strong Catholic ethos underpins all aspects of the school's work. Daily prayers and assemblies provide very good opportunities for the promotion of Christian values. Pupils and staff are very proud of their school and a sense of mutual respect is well established.

Famous ex-pupils:Jim Murphy, MP; Eddi Reader, musician; Mick O'Neill, Simple Minds.

St Roch's Secondary

40 Royston Rd, Glasgow G21 2NF

Tel: 0141-582 0270



Head: Gerry McGuigan Roll : 661

Motto: Alios Adiuva (Help others)

Free school meals: 49.9 per cent

Unauthorised absence: 1.2 per cent

Extra-curricular activities: rugby, swimming, basketball, football, badminton, karate, rowing club.

Uniform/dress code: Girls – school dress, black trousers, blue/white shirt, school tie, sweatshirt, dark shoes. Boys – black/dark blue trousers, blue/white shirt, school tie, black school sweatshirt, dark shoes.

Community links: Scottish Business in the Community, John Lewis, Halcow, McGrigors, Laing O'Rourke, Glasgow North

Vocational education: S3/S4 attendance at various Glasgow colleges. Courses include construction, childcare, enterprise health & beauty at Glasgow College of Commerce.

Qualities: Honesty, Integrity, Compassion

Famous ex-pupils:Wing Commander Paul McSherry OBE (RAF); Maureen McKenna (Open Door Trust); Sean McGinley/Gerry Conlin (Irish music); Alistair McKeever (hotelier); Maurice Johnston/Stevie Chalmers (football); Willie Murphy NASA Engineer and test pilot.

St Thomas Aquinas RC Secondary

112 Mitre Rd Glasgow, G14 9PP

Tel: 0141-954 5905

E-mail: headteacher@stthomas

Head: Tom Bradshaw Roll: 936

Free school meals: 28.8 per cent

Unauthorised absence: 0.1 per cent

Whitehill Secondary

280 Onslow Dr, Glasgow, G31 2QF

Tel: 0141-582 0290



Head: Iain Liveston Roll: 532

Motto: Altiora pettimus (We seek higher things)

Free school meals: 38.3 per cent

Unauthorised absence: 0.1 per cent