George Clooney ‘signs’ for Celtic in charity drive

Actor and film-maker George Clooney has lent his support to a digital education programme backed by Celtic. Picture: PA

Actor and film-maker George Clooney has lent his support to a digital education programme backed by Celtic. Picture: PA

HE is an Oscar-winning actor and one of Hollywood’s most recognisable stars - and now, he is one of Celtic’s most glamorous new signings.

Actor and director George Clooney has been enlisted by a charity backed by Celtic to bolster the organisation’s digital educational programme.

Two schools in Glasgow, Smthycroft Secondary and Carntyne Primary, are set to benefit from Clooney’s involvement by joining Celtic FC Foundation’s Digital Education programme.

Three Celtic shirts signed by Clooney are to be sold to fund the programme, which will incorporate elements of Clooney’s prolific campaigning on human rights issues such as the Rwandan genocide of 1994.

Rwanda became a Commonwealth country in 2009 and participated in the Commonwealth round-table on reconciliation in 2013, an event intended to share insights and experiences into justice, truth, accountability and non-recurrence.

The schools will also be applying their studies to applications for UNICEF Rights Respecting School Status, a programme which seeks to put the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child at the heart of a school’s ethos.

Celtic FC Foundation’s Masterclass Programme will introduce mentors to Smithycroft Secondary and Carntyne Primary, bringing world-class talent into the classrooms in fields such as human rights law, digital imagery, journalism and broadcasting.

Jean Miller, Head Teacher at Smithycroft Secondary said: “This is an exciting project for the schools and pupils but it also gives us a platform for exploring some of the key issues in global citizenship which is in turn one of the cornerstones of Curriculum for Excellence.”

Tony Hamilton, CEO Celtic FC Foundation, said: “We are committed to bringing inspirational education and citizenship programmes into young people’s lives in partnership with schools and other community organisations.

“The schools have worked up great programmes and there’s the opportunity here to develop pupils’ life skills around a very important international justice agenda.”




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