Dynamic Earth enters the fourth dimension

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TO MOST people, watching a 3D film means a trip to the cinema with a pair of oversized red and green glasses.

Now the Capital's Our Dynamic Earth is set to take the three-dimensional experience to another level with the launch of Scotland's first permanent 4D theatre.

One of Our Dynamic Earth's existing galleries – the Gallery of Contrasts – will be renovated in a 700,000 move to include a 4D experience, which will allow visitors to watch a 3D film with extra effects.

The newly refurbished gallery will show a 3D film which transports the audience, by aeroplane, from the Arctic Circle to the African rainforest.

The 4D elements include the use of different lighting and wind effects in the theatre, as well as various smells.

ButtKickers, a small machine which will be attached to each seat and linked to the sound system, will send vibrations and movements through the seats at certain points.

There will even be snow falling on the visitors as part of the experience, which has been produced by the creative division of the National Space Centre in Leicester.

The 4D theatre will open in April next year, with work getting underway in January.

Commercial director at Our Dynamic Earth, Doug Walker, said: "We are really excited about it because it is going to be the only permanent 4D theatre in Scotland. I think it is going to be a really exciting experience for the audience and a great development.

"The Gallery of Contrasts was more of a walk-through experience with three individual screens, so this is much more dynamic.

"We wanted to make sure that the experience for the guests was up-to-date and always new."

Mr Walker added: "The film will take the audience from the Arctic region through all the different climatic zones to the edge of the tropical rainforest.

"The areas that the audience will visit include the Arctic, the Tundra region, the Boreal Forest – Sweden and Norway areas – and Scotland, where they can look down on Dynamic Earth. They will also fly over Europe and the Alpine region, and look at the animals and how they adapt to live in the different environments."

Part of the film also includes a dive into the Mediterranean Sea with hammerhead sharks appearing to jump off the screen and into the theatre space, while the smell of the ocean fills the room and a blue rippling light effect enhances the overall experience.

Mr Walker said: "Visitors will also be taken to the Sahara desert where they will see the plant and animal life, and encounter a scorpion. They will then fly on further to the Savannah grasslands of Africa where they will encounter a rhinoceros. There will even be a rhinoceros smell, which is not very pleasant!"

The theatre, which will hold 80 seats, will be funded by Our Dynamic Earth with support from the Scottish Government.

Dynamic Earth will remain open throughout the refurbishment work, with only the Gallery of Contrasts having to close.

The public launch for the new 4D theatre, will take place on 2 April.