Dundee University Students’ Association tops survey

DUSA is the only Scottish union to feature in the UK top ten. Picture: Jane Barlow

DUSA is the only Scottish union to feature in the UK top ten. Picture: Jane Barlow


DUNDEE University Students’ Association has again been rated the top performing students’ union in Scotland in this year’s annual National Student Survey.

DUSA is the only Scottish union to feature in the UK top ten, with its closest rival Glasgow University Union coming in 23rd place in a poll of students from 132 institutions across the UK.

The Dundee union was placed seventh in the poll – its fifth year in succession as Scotland’s top performing students’ association. St Andrews and Strathclyde were jointly placed in 33rd place, with Abertay University in 40th position.

Top of the list was Sheffield University which was also number one last year.

Iain MacKinnon, the president of Dundee University Students’ Association, said: “Everyone here at DUSA is of course incredibly proud of this achievement. It is a testament to the hard work and dedication of everyone involved.”

He continued: “A lot of people might see student unions as solely a place for students to enjoy their evenings whilst at university, but here in DUSA we offer so much more.

“We are responsible for supporting and funding over 100 student societies whose numbers continue to grow and grow, three great media outlets whose content has improved immensely over recent years, as well as running various student welfare campaigns throughout the year.”

Mr MacKinnon added: “From a commercial side of things we have five floors with two bars, two nightclubs, a games room and rest room and other facilities.

“But we also do well with the welfare and pastoral side of things. We are the sort of union that gets on well with our university, as opposed to just annoying them and we also have one of the most comprehensive representation structures of any university.

“Almost every single committee on campus has a student rep and the uni really does listen to the students.”




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