Less than half of young teens play outdoors, survey shows

The number of young teenagers who play outside has dropped dramatically according to a new survey which suggests the youngsters of today are far more sedentary than their parents were at the same age.

Livingston Sheriff Court.

Boy in court over West Lothian school knife slashing

A teenage boy has appeared in court accused of slashing a pupil at a West Lothian secondary school.

Fettes College

Fettes pupil expelled after taking ecstasy

A BOARDER at one of the Capital’s top independent schools has been expelled after turning up at a Sunday chapel service on ecstasy.

Fears have been raised over a teaching crisis. Picture TSPL

Union backs teacher’s ‘utterly failing’ letter to Nicola Sturgeon

A leading teachers’ union has said the “vast majority” of people in the profession would echo the sentiments of a frustrated secondary school teacher who has written an open letter to First Minister Nicola Sturgeon warning that the current education system is “utterly failing” children.

Education 200
Nicola Sturgeon's government is under fire over its education record. Picture: Steven Brown

Scottish teacher writes furious open letter to Nicola Sturgeon

A Scottish secondary school teacher has written an open letter to Nicola Sturgeon in which he describes Scotland’s education system as “utterly broken”.

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Less Scot students are attending Edinburgh University.

Total Scots students at Edinburgh University drops while rUK number rises

The number of Scots enrolling at Edinburgh University has fallen alongside a 20 per cent rise in those coming from elsewhere in the UK.

Education 12
Logan at the Arkwright Scholarships Trust awards in Glasgow

Getting paid to get a degree: it’s possible

A former Dundee pupil tells us why he chose a degree apprenticeship and how he landed one of the most competitive placements in the country

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Phone ownership could increase the likelihood of bullying. Picture; Michael Gillen

Phone ownership more likely to put kids at risk of bullying

Kids aged between eight and 11 are ‘significantly’ more likely to be victims of cyber bullies if they own a mobile phone, a new study has found.

Exempt all school from business tax.

Brian Monteith: When chasing justice delivers injustice

Only fair way to end the debate over business tax for the independents is to exempt all schools, argues Brian Monteith

Opinion 15
Seamus Searson said low salaries created problems for Edinburgh teachers. Photograph: Jon Savage

SNP urged to consider incentives to bring teachers to Edinburgh

Education Secretary John Swinney has been urged to consider introducing financial incentives to encourage teachers to work in Edinburgh in an attempt to solve the staffing shortages in the capital’s schools.

Education 78
Trinity Academy in Edinburgh has struggled to recruit teachers.

Insight: Education crisis – do the maths, school chiefs

The two smartly turned out young men stood in front of the television cameras outside Edinburgh’s Trinity Academy and carried out what appeared to be a highly competent exercise in crisis management which could have come straight from Alastair Campbell’s personal handbook for beleaguered politicians coping with a hungry media.

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Its vital to encourage young peoples interest in science. Picture: Neil Hanna

Ann McKechin: We’ve come up with a formula to inspire the next generation of experts

Education in all of its different forms has been under pretty intense scrutiny of late, whether it be in the increasingly frequent reports of teacher shortages, the ongoing debate around the daunting costs of university study or the continuing battle to narrow the attainment gap between rich and poor.

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Police at St Kentigern's Academy in Blackburn today.

Boy charged after schoolboy slashed in school canteen

A 13-year-old boy has been charged after another teenager suffered a deep gash to his face after being slashed with a knife in a school canteen fight.

The global market for wearable fitness apps is booming

Wearable fitness apps ‘vulnerable to hackers’, Scots researchers warn

The security of wearable fitness trackers could be improved to better protect users’ personal data, a study by Scots academics has found.

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SSPCA rescue giant iguana from main road

SSPCA rescue giant iguana from main road

The Scottish SPCA was called out on Tuesday after a giant iguana was discovered in a layby next to the A702.

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Putting teachers on probation backfires. Picture: PA

Leader comment: Putting teachers on probation backfires

Scotland’s shortage of teachers was illustrated starkly this week with a plea by the head of an Edinburgh school for help from parents to fill two maths teacher vacancies, and yesterday that cry for help led to a heated debate at the Scottish Parliament over why recruitment is failing.

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Picture: PA

Nicola Sturgeon attacked for failure to fast track teachers

Nicola Sturgeon’s education record came under fire after it was claimed bureaucratic barriers were preventing teachers from relocating to Scotland to plug the school staffing shortage.

Education 308
Scottish schools are reaching a major staffing crisis. Picture: Jon Savage

Schools facing major crisis as teachers reach breaking-point

Scotland’s schools are facing a major staffing crisis with over-stressed and under-paid teachers reaching “breaking point”, a prominent headteacher has warned.

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The teacher shortage issue was raised by unfilled vacancies in maths. Picture: Jetta Productions

Leader comment: Teachers must speak out

Opposition parties have leapt on the teacher recruitment crisis that The Scotsman highlighted yesterday, but far more significantly, a senior figure within the profession has now spoken out.

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Teachers in Scotland have seen salaries drop by six per cent in the last 10 years. Picture: TSPL

Teachers’ pay in Scotland lagging behind many worldwide – OECD

Scotland’s teachers have seen salaries drop by six per cent in a decade while their counterparts in many other countries received pay rises, an international study says.

Education 8
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