Drug death toll mounts

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TAYSIDE Police have issued an urgent warning following ten suspected drug-related deaths in the area.

Nine drug users have died in Dundee and one in Perth since 1 January .

Detective Inspector Callum Leith, the force drugs coordinator, said: “Whilst it is too early to say that these deaths are all drug related, I would stress that the use of illicit drugs is harmful, will have a significant impact on health and can result in overdose and on occasions death.”

He warned those responsible for drug dealing they could face a charge of culpable homicide.

Steven Dalton, lead officer for Dundee’s Alcohol and Drug Partnership said: “The recent deaths in Tayside are a tragic example of the high risks involved in drug using activity. We cannot underestimate the devastating impact these deaths.

“All those involved in providing and planning drug services in Tayside view the prevention of these tragedies as of the utmost priority.”