Dickson 'hurt' over Homecoming snub

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THE singer Barbara Dickson has spoken of her disappointment at not being invited to any events in the year of Homecoming.

In an interview for The Scotsman Magazine, Dickson, who lives in Lincolnshire, reveals she was hurt by not being officially invited to join the celebrations.

She said: "Homecoming? I've never been asked to come home. I wasn't invited to participate in anything to do with launching that. I never even got an invitation to the opening of the parliament."

Dickson, who is about to begin a major Scottish tour, said despite having legions of fans in Scotland, she seems to have been forgotten by politicians and event organisers. "Maybe people just don't think about me, maybe they've forgotten. It doesn't offend me, but it does hurt me that they ask other people who don't live in Scotland, who have nothing like the commitment or the depth of feeling about Scotland that I have.

"I think there are people all over Scotland, and elsewhere, who think of a woman with great big curly hair singing, 'I Know Him So Well'. That's the photograph they have in their heads, but people do not know me so well."

The singer, who grew up on a council estate in Dunfermline, began her career in folk clubs and went on to win an Olivier award as an actress, said: "In Scotland, it's vital that young folk are playing the fiddle and the box and that people sing. It keeps the music alive. The country needs its culture."

A spokesman for Homecoming Scotland 2009 said: "We would be delighted if Barbara Dickson were to come to Scotland this year and join in the festivities as part of Homecoming Scotland 2009.

"As part of this major marketing campaign reaching millions of people throughout the UK and overseas, we are asking people to invite their friends and family back home to Scotland to join in the celebrations with more than 300 exciting events taking place through the length and breadth of the country."

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