Day of chaos: timeline

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8am Several red police are in attendance at the RBS headquarters at Gogarburn.

8:10am Seven activists superglue themselves to the entrance of the car park of the RBS industrial estate at the Gyle Shopping Centre.

8am A group of seven demonstrators stage a protest at Forth Energy's building in Leith. Two scaled the roof and hung banners reading "Bio mass health hazard" and "Bio mass = climate change". Another two chain themselves to railings outside. Police later make five arrests.

9am The RBS branch in Minto Street is unable to open after the locks on the shutters are filled with superglue.

9am A Clydesdale Bank branch on Lothian Road is covered in spray paint.

9:15am Activists create an "oil slick" outside Cairn Energy's offices in Lothian Road. The oil-like substance was carried in a two-metre long container resembling a piggy bank with the RBS logo.

9.30am An oil-like substance is poured on on A720 at Bankhead and the west bound A8, forcing the roads to be closed. Around the same time a banner is unfurled from a bridge on the stretch of the A8 stating "RBS using our money to **** the planet."

10am A group of 15 activists protest at the Nicolson Street branch of RBS. Three glue themselves together, forming a barricade at the entrance. Police later make three arrests.

12.15pm The A720 and westbound A8 reopen after local authority staff clean the spillage.

1pm Riot police mobilise at the RBS headquarters at Gogarburn.

1.15pm The Camp for Climate Action tells The Scotsman the spills on the city bypass was not an official CCA protest act.

1.30pm An RBS spokesman tells The Scotsman there is a "minimal" staff presence at Gogarburn.

2pm Despite reopening, the RBS Nicolson Street branch is forced to close after renewed protests occur.

2.15pm The protests spread to the RBS branch on North Bridge, forcing it to close.

3pm At Gogarburn, activists start to move a makeshift 'siege tower' towards the RBS headquarters, where there remains a sizable police presence.

4.30pm Four containers containing a molasses-like are thrown by protesters, striking the RBS HQ building.

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