Database threat

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Robert M Dunn's fears (Letters, 3 August) are entirely justified. It is, indeed, the government's intention to make us "slaves to systems", as Mr Dunn evocatively describes the requirement of government-issued documents for the most mundane of tasks.

At the heart of the national identity scheme is a verification "service" which will be used to check information against the insidious database. As well as logging each verification, thus building a detailed profile of all our lives, the system will allow the government to be the final arbiter of trust.

Opening a bank account would become impossible if the government computer says no. Ministers have also said they want to make it impossible to access non-emergency healthcare without verification against the ID database, and impossible to enrol children in school.

This is the reality of the "voluntary" scheme. Everyone is free to refuse, as long as they don't mind giving up any hope of functioning as a normal member of society.


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