Daphne made them dance to her tune

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ALL aboard for the Sleigh ride. "Real gentlemen remember ladies' birthdays, but never their age," said Daphne Sleigh.

I'm no gent because I'm broadcasting the fact that I was invited to her 70th birthday party last weekend.

The former leader of the Tory group at City Hall doesn't look her age and I said so. "That's most sporting of you, John. I certainly don't feel my age." The hurly-burly of 22 years in politics, of course, having kept her spry.

Or, perhaps, being married to Lindsay Walls, also a former councillor.

The party at the Myreside Club, attended by Lothian MSP Gavin Brown, brought over Lindsay's Royal Marine Lt-Col son Finlay from Italy. A Nato posting and from there he's bound for Afghanistan.

But for one evening all the action was at Myreside, with the Maid of the Forth Stompers luring partygoers onto the dance floor. An all-singing, all-dancing Daphne, retired politician of a certain age.

The magic's gone

&#149 SHE's got a million stories and unfailingly she rattles my cage. Anecdotes galore. Reminiscences by the ton. No matter how trivial. Tears, too, in public, if the occasion calls for it.

We have to admire JK Rowling. She's got this age of "photo opportunity" down to a fine art.

JK managed to conjure up another headline-grabbing newspaper story, replete with another picture, of course, out of her latest revelation – that she once nicked a hotel room's do-not-disturb notice in the Balmoral. Sensation!

But wait! Subsequently JK struck again, making the Telegraph on Hogmanay with a bold snap of her brandishing a Potter book.

She'd just revealed that she could be persuaded to write another HP. No! Who'd have thought!

JK, my luv, consider a lengthy vacation. Away and re-write the Dead Sea Scrolls or something. Some place where there are no don't-disturb notices.

Time to get out of my face. We've seen the cleavage, shredded the books and mangled the T-shirts.

Last words . .

&#149 LADIES of a certain age, you'll love Giorgio Armani for them: "A woman can have wrinkles and still look good. Wrinkles show that you have had a life."