Curators begin cataloguing one million art treasures

CURATORS in Glasgow have begun the mammoth task of cataloguing 1,000,000 of the city’s hidden treasures.

The artworks, archaeological pieces and natural history exhibits have never before been seen by the public.

An estimated 800,000 pieces are in a maze of rooms in the Kelvin Hall. A further 200,000 exhibits are in the Nitshill centre.

The council has never had a definitive list of the works, and the curators are certain that they will discover some "new" treasures for the city’s galleries.

Staff have been recruited to document and photograph the pieces.

The catalyst for the project was the refurbishment of Kelvingrove Art Gallery and the council’s plans to create a new museum of transport down at the Clyde riverside.

The gallery is due to reopen in June 2006 after the 30 million refurbishment is complete. A council spokesman said: "The records for these objects are presently in dozens of different kinds of ledgers and lists."

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