Crusty the lobster legs it after nipping chef

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A FUGITIVE lobster has escaped the pot by making a bid for freedom from a Leith restaurant.

The monster 10lb crustacean, nicknamed Crusty, bolted from Amani Restaurant at Leith Docks shortly after being delivered.

Crusty attacked head chef Surinder Ram with his razor-sharp claws, and in the ensuing confusion he managed to make a break for it.

Mr Ram said: "I've worked as a chef in the West Indies and in the UK for many years now, but this is the first time I've been nipped by a lobster and let me tell you, it hurts."

Amani manager Imtiaz Hussain is warning members of the public to be careful of approaching Crusty.

He said that Crusty is in his prime and appears to be unafraid to use his powerful claws.

He added: "Members of the public should be warned - Crusty is covered with barnacles, which means that he's in his old shell and in his prime, and as our head chef can testify, his claws are razor sharp."

A bounty has now been issued - the restaurant is offering a meal for two in exchange for Crusty's safe return.

The runaway lobster had been due to be a signature dish in the restaurant's forthcoming seafood festival.

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