Close shave as fans vote for Murray's hair

ANDY Murray is getting his distinctive unruly curls chopped off in favour of a short back and sides after asking fans to vote for his new revamped barnet on his website.

The online poll result announced yesterday revealed more than 13,000 fans had voted in the poll over what the Scottish tennis star should do with his hair.

A last minute decision to extend voting by a few days had spared Murray, 19, from an all-over grade four.

On Tuesday morning, the buzz-cut was the overwhelming choice, but a late surge of an extra 7,000 votes cast in the space of ten hours ruled it out.

Last night Murray admitted he had been "psyching himself up" for a shaved head.

He will instead have his hair cut into a "short at the back, messy on top" style for charity on 23 November in London.

Fans will get a chance to see the new style later this month when Murray, who will end the year at 17th in the world rankings, returns to Scotland for the Aberdeen Cup.

Murray, who has admitted cutting his own hair with nail scissors when bored or asking his girlfriend Kim Sears to give him a trim, asked fans to choose his new hairstyle ten days ago after being teased about his curls. Murray's hair became an issue at Wimbledon last summer when fellow players began ribbing him. Even his mother, Judy, said it was time something was done about it.

Fans also had their views - when Murray attended the launch of a junior tennis programme he was greeted by youngsters disguised as "mini-Murrays" wearing curly wigs.

"I think that's their way of telling me I have a terrible haircut," he joked. He has also admitted that he has not had his haircut professionally for almost a year and a half.

The style took 43 per cent of the vote while the grade four came second at 28 per cent. The other two options - trimmed and thinned but keeping it longish or Murray cutting it himself again - took 17 and 12 per cent respectively.

Murray, who is travelling to Miami on holiday, said yesterday: "It's pretty mad so many people have voted on my next haircut, but it's cool everyone seems to have had some fun with it.

"To be honest, I was getting myself psyched up for a grade four all over, but the fans have come through for me in the end."

One of Scotland's leading hairdressers, Charles Kivlin, of CK Hair & Beauty in Edinburgh, who styles top sportsmen and footballers, said Murray should get a grade four.

"I think a grade four is great for sportsmen. In Andy's case it would look the part and make people take him seriously," he said.

"I've seen him in tournaments and he seems to be wearing a baseball cap and looks very hot and uncomfortable. A shorter, sculptured style would really suit him, save him time washing his hair and give him an advantage instead of continually having to dry himself off."

Meanwhile, the debate on the website continued but the majority of fans were happy with the outcome.

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