Chimps set for move at city zoo

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SOME of Edinburgh Zoo’s most popular attractions are set to move house, after plans for a new chimpanzee enclosure were drawn up.

The new area will include a modern indoor enclosure allowing people to get closer to the animals than ever before.

Raised viewing stations outside the centre will let visitors see the animals, one of the zoo’s most popular attractions, roaming around their massive new environment.

And the chimps themselves will have a far bigger area to move around in, with the enclosure taking up a large section of the zoo’s east side.

Tunnels will allow the animals to travel from the indoor area to one of three outdoor enclosures, while massive climbing frames will be built.

The new area is planned for the current site of the reptile house and parrot gardens. The plans have been submitted to the council for approval

as part of an ongoing 20-year plan which will see the attraction completely redeveloped on its current site in Corstorphine Road.

Only the Mansion House, a listed building, and the penguin pool are likely to remain as they are now.

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