Chef Gordon Ramsay likes his oats every day

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TV CHEF Gordon Ramsay has revealed his secret recipe for nurturing his Scottish roots - a bowl of porridge every day.

The celebrity has said that wherever he goes in the world a box of Scott's Porage Oats goes with him.

He had turned his back on trendy breakfasts such as carbohydrate free egg-white omelettes, popular in diet-conscious Los Angeles, where he now spends much of his time.

He said: "Porridge is humble. If I don't have that every day, I feel like I'm getting pretentious. Ask anyone in Glasgow if they would like an egg-white omelette, and they'd beat you up.

"No, I keep it real. I stay with porridge because it makes me feel like I'm keeping me feet on the ground. I eat porridge every morning because it makes me feel Scottish."

Health food experts claim porridge can combat cancer, heart disease, diabetes and cholesterol.

Oats are a recognised source of nutrients such as vitamin E, zinc, selenium, copper, iron, manganese and magnesium.

They also neutralise acidity levels in the body and help absorb toxins.

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