Monaco's Princess Stephanie weds an acrobat

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PRINCESS Stephanie has stunned Monaco’s royal family by marrying her boyfriend, a Portuguese circus acrobat.

Stephanie and her new husband, Adans Lopez Peres, were married on Friday in a private ceremony, palace spokesman Armand Deus said yesterday.

German news reports said they married in Geneva, but Mr Deus said he didn’t know where the ceremony took place.

Mr Peres would be the second circus man in the princess’s life. She separated from Swiss circus director and elephant trainer Franco Knie last year. The 38-year-old princess - one of three children of Prince Rainier and the late American actress, Grace Kelly - is closely followed in the tabloids for her tumultuous love life.

The princess had two children, Louis and Pauline Grace, with her one-time bodyguard Daniel Ducruet, whom she married in 1995, only to divorce a year later.

In 1998, Princess Stephanie gave birth to a daughter, Camille. She refused to name the father, though he was said to be another bodyguard, Jean-Raymond Gottlieb.

The prince, who once banished his wayward daughter to the Alpine resort of Auron, 80 miles from Monaco, where it seemed she might lead a quieter life, has accepted Stephanie’s three children.

However, he could not bring himself to sanction the Knie affair. His views on her latest marriage are unclear.

Mr Peres, a 28-year-old circus acrobat and juggler is said to be "besotted" with Stephanie - despite the difference in their backgrounds.