Boy George blasts 'prissy' Matt Lucas

BOY George has gone on the offensive again - this time letting rip at the Little Britain star Matt Lucas.

The gay singer has already had a go at Madonna, Sir Elton John and George Michael.

Lucas was in the London cast of George’s musical Taboo, about the early Eighties club scene.

The former Culture Club star complained to the Radio Times magazine: "He wouldn’t talk about his sexuality, although he’s now made the queerest show in Britain.

"I found him prissy, a niggly diva."

Last week George, who works as a club DJ and lives in New York, blasted Sir Elton for duetting with the rapper Eminem, who has been criticised for his homophobic lyrics.

Now he has had another go, saying Sir Elton lacks a sense humour.

He said: "Elton John is like our headmaster, the grand old dame of pop, with a beautiful voice but living in an ornate bubble, full of fresh flowers, surrounded by people who nod and laugh at everything he says, and he doesn’t have a sense of humour."

Last week the singer accused Madonna of being a hypocrite for using the gay community to boost her career.

He said the Kabbalah religion, to which she has converted, was opposed to homosexuality.

And he has a further dig at George Michael in the Radio Times, saying that when he started out the Wham singer was "so desperate to be famous, he feared that if fans discovered he was ‘a true Greek’ it would all end in tears".

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