Canongate leads way in 25-country book series

SCOTLAND’S Canongate Books will lead publishers from 25 countries who will launch a book series this weekend in which some of the world’s biggest-selling authors retell their favourite myths.

Writers include Chinua Achebe, the African novelist, Margaret Atwood, the Booker Prize winner, and Karen Armstrong, the author, religious commentator and former nun.

Others featured are Donna Tartt, the author of the international best-sellers The Secret History and The Little Friend, and David Grossman, the Israeli novelist.

The Myths will be launched tomorrow at the London International Book Fair, a major industry showcase. It will feature books from each author published simultaneously across the world.

Canongate publisher Jamie Byng conceived the idea in 1999. He said: "It’s the biggest thing I have ever been involved with as a publisher, and it’s been six years in gestation."

The series begins in October with three books published simultaneously in 25 countries. There will be five different English language editions and translations from Swedish to Slovakian, German to Chinese.

"We have high hopes for the series because of the quality of the writers and the publication. There is already a buzz building up around it," said Mr Byng.

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