Bionic hand inventors get poll honour

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A BIONIC hand invented by a Lothians company has been named the 14th best creation of 2008 in an influential poll.

Time Magazine, in its top 50 round-up of world inventions of the year, said the i-LIMB – created by Livingston-based Touch Bionics – was superior even to the Mars Rover.

The hand, which stemmed from work carried out by NHS Lothian over the past two decades, is the first robot hand to offer more than one type of grip and has considerably more options than other prosthetic hands.

The hand's inventor David Gow, who is head of NHS Lothian's SMART services and director of research at Touch, said: "I think it's a tribute to the good work of my department and the NHS that a world-leading invention can spring from the public service.

"Scotland has been at the forefront of many medical breakthroughs and it is humbling to play a small role in that long history."