Bank worker jailed for hit-and-run killing after nine-hour drink binge

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A hit-and-run driver who killed a pedestrian after a nine-hour drinking session has been jailed for five years and five months.

Gerard McGougan drank 15 drinks – including pints of lager and vodka chasers – before getting behind the wheel of his Vauxhall Vectra.

He later crashed into David Revells in Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire, and fled the scene, leaving the 33-year-old dead in the street.

McGougan had gone on a binge after being told the “depressing” news that his brother was dying of cancer.

A judge heard yesterday the father-of-two had got into his car despite being just three minutes from his home.McGougan claimed to police when caught that he had only had one pint at an Italian restaurant that day.

The 46-year-old bank worker returned to the High Court in Glasgow yesterday after admitting causing death by careless driving.

Lord Matthews told him: “Your family will see you again, but the same cannot be said for Mr Revells’ family.”

First offender McGougan looked ashen-faced as he was led in handcuffed to the cells. A relative of Mr Revells shouted “rot in hell” as he was taken downstairs.

The court heard McGougan had started drinking at Puccini restaurant in Cumbernauld around noon on 16 October, 2009. He had one pint of lager with his meal before later drinking 12 more drinks at a nearby bar.

McGougan then went on to the town’s Mortimer’s nightclub, where manager Kevin Smith described him as “steaming”.

Prosecutor Stephen O’Rourke said: “Mr Smith noted him to be drinking a pint of lager and a vodka and coke.

“He was sufficiently concerned by the accused’s condition that he drew the attention of a steward.

“The accused was informed he was not to be served any more drink and was given 15 minutes to finish up and leave.”

Mr Revells, meantime, was on his way to meet a friend around 9pm in Glasgow for a night out.

Mr O’Rourke said Mr Revells was crossing the town’s Seafar Road when McGougan’s Vauxhall ploughed into him.

A taxi driver discovered the victim lying on a grass verge minutes later. Mr Revells had already died due to massive head injuries.

McGougan, of Tiree Drive, Cumbernauld, returned home and told wife Lorraine: “I’ve hit somebody.”

She called police and McGougan later admitted to them he had been in an accident. He claimed he had three vodkas after getting home, but only had a lager before the collision.

A blood sample was taken and McGougan was found to be almost three times the drink-drive limit.

Mr O’Rourke said the victim Mr Revells was “much loved” by his family and that his loss is “felt very greatly” by them.

McGougan’s lawyer, Maurice Smyth yesterday, said the day of the incident was the“worst of his life”.

Mr Smyth went on: “He got a call from his brother in Canada that one of his other brothers had been diagnosed with inoperable cancer.”

“He was then asked to break the news to their 93-year-old mum, who took it badly.”

McGougan was also banned from the road for eight years.

The judge added: “These cases are always tragic. You have devastated your own family, who are of course entirely blameless in all of this, but you have also and more importantly destroyed the lives of Mr Revells’ family.

“I have read statements from his mother and sister setting out the impact on them and I have no doubt that they find their words to be inadequate.

“Bearing in mind the news which was imparted to you that day of your brother’s illness, I cannot criticise your decision to over indulge in drink.

“However, I cannot ignore the fact that, having consumed so much alcohol that the level was analysed as being around three times the drink driving limit, you decided to drive home.”

Mr Revells’ family were too upset to comment after the case.