Animal activists in terror threat against zoo

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ANIMAL rights activists are threatening to launch a terror campaign against staff at Edinburgh Zoo.

Fanatics from the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) are planning to use scare tactics, including fire-raising and criminal damage of property belonging to people who work for the zoo and the zoo's contractors.

The group forced the closure of a Staffordshire guinea pig farm last week after a long campaign against staff.

Now ALF have threatened to move their campaign to Edinburgh after zoo bosses announced plans to house polar bears in a new enclosure.

Edinburgh is the only zoo in Britain with a polar bear, a 24-year-old female named Mercedes.

It had been planned not to replace her after she died, but now bosses have decided to build a new enclosure to house more of the rare mammals.

They say the species faces extinction in the wild within 50 years and zoos have a responsibility to ensure its survival.

But the militant campaigners believe the bears will be kept in cruel conditions and plan to use illegal tactics to stop the move.

Spokesman for ALF Robin Webb said: "Creating a new enclosure for polar bears in Edinburgh would provoke deep anger throughout the animal rights movement. The zoo should think very, very carefully about going ahead with this."

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