Alien assault mystery 'no hoax' says expert

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A MAN described as a "human lie detector" has said the West Lothian man who claimed he was assaulted by aliens 30 years ago was telling the truth.

Body language expert Drew McAdam believes "without doubt" that forestry worker Bob Taylor's account of the notorious UFO incident in woods on Dechmont Law was true after studying his account in a video documentary.

Mr Taylor said he was attacked by two strange spheres with protruding spikes in the woods in 1979, in what became the only UFO case to be the subject of a criminal investigation by police in the UK.

Mr McAdam, 54, from West Calder, now believes a new documentary unveils the truth.

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The entertainer was trained by the army's intelligence corps in body language techniques, and was the dreaded "Interrogator" on TV's Trisha show to elicit confessions out of participants.

During the 1979 incident, the 3ft-wide spheres were said to have attached themselves to Mr Taylor after dropping from a 20ft sphere-like object, ripping his trousers and rendering him unconscious for 20 minutes.

Mr Taylor died in 2007, aged 88, but Waterborn Productions Ltd has produced a film that contains footage of interviews with some of those involved at the time.

"Being honest, I expected to uncover body language suggesting that the whole thing was a hoax or a lie," said Mr McAdam, who reads non-verbal cues, micro-expressions and body language as methods to uncover lies.

"However, I can categorically state that at no time is there any evidence of deception from any of these people – not once. When Bob Taylor recounts the incident, he is clearly accessing actual memory, not his imagination.

"His body language is open. There is no fluctuation in his para-language, and his open-palmed gestures suggest a man simply recounting what happened."

Among the people interviewed include Mr Taylor's work colleagues, police and sceptic Steuart Campbell, who wrote the book, The UFO Mystery Solved.

Mr McAdam added: "Based on my expertise and experience of body language, my view is that the interviewees were telling it exactly as it was. This was no hoax.

"However, Steuart Campbell demonstrates textbook closed body language, self-caressing and all the 'tells' of a person in discomfort, offering an explanation about which he himself harbours grave doubts.

"He may dismiss the whole thing with scientific theories, but his body language is saying something different.

"Did aliens land on Dechmont Law 30 years ago? We'll probably never know. But thanks to the footage we can still view the interviews and sort out the nonsense from the fact."

Mr Campbell said that Mr McAdam has clearly "mistaken scientific caution for discomfort".

"At all times, I only ever say what I believe and am sure is correct. However, he's right about Bob Taylor, who everyone agrees is an honest person.

"He surely tells the truth but, of course, it's what he believes to be the truth. What he saw, and indeed if he saw anything at all, is disputable. I think I tried to make clear in the film."

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