Airport drop-off charge 'will lead to congestion'

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PROPOSED drop-off charges at Edinburgh Airport are likely to cause the congestion they are supposed to eradicate, according to tourism chiefs.

Heads of the Midlothian Tourism Forum, which represents almost 40 tourism businesses in the area, spoke out after a meeting last week, attended by council members.

They are opposed to the controversial fee which will start at the airport in October.

Motorists dropping off passengers will be subject to a charge of 1 for the initial ten minutes as they leave the area.

The airport claims the charges are required to fund the upgrading and expansion of the terminal drop-off zone.

However, critics of the plan argue the move will disadvantage those with a disability and the elderly and will not improve the current arrangement.

Chairman of the Midlothian forum Quintin Young said: "The proposals are as likely to cause the congestion which they are designed to eliminate and are equally likely to cost more to administer than they raise in revenue."

Conservative MSP Gavin Brown has led a campaign against the charge which has gained support from every MSP in the Lothians.

But the airport's new managing director Kevin Brown has insisted the charges are a necessary solution.

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