A microwave haggis makes world debut

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A SLICED version of the traditional Macsween of Edinburgh haggis has been launched for microwave users.

The family company unveiled the product today, offering two slices of haggis, cookable in just one-minute.

The product is aimed at consumers who are pressed for time, only want a small portion, or who have not tried haggis before.

Director Jo Macsween said: "Our sales have continued to grow throughout the year, as consumers throughout the UK recognise that haggis is a tasty, cost-effective ingredient in a range of dishes. However, our research has shown latent demand for a convenience version of our product.

"So, here it is, no additions, no subtractions, just tasty, traditional haggis in an easy-to-use pack."

The Macsween one-minute haggis is expected to account for 15 per cent of the company's sales within three years.