New York Times scandal

New York Times scandal

Times draws line under fake stories scandal with 'old guard' editor

THE NEW York Times, newspaper of record to the world’s superpower, sought to draw a line under an ugly chapter in its history yesterday.

Who broke the New York Times

FOR Britons or Europeans unused to the experience, reading the New York Times can be bewildering. There is its dense, user-unfriendly design, with eight items competing for attention on the front page; there are the convoluted headlines wringing the colour out of every story; and there is a whiff of old-fashioned rectitude that owes something to Thomas Gradgrind’s dictum in Hard Times, that "facts, and fact alone, are wanted in life".

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Buckle up - we're in for a wild ride

ACROSS the pond these last few weeks a monumental scandal has been laying waste to the once-mighty New York Times. Following the revelation that reporter Jayson Blair had been passing off other journalists’ copy as his own, executive editor Howell Raines was among those forced to quit amid allegations of editorial sloppiness and inverted racism.

New York Times editor and his deputy quit over faked stories

THE SCANDAL at the New York Times, the most influential newspaper in the United States, yesterday claimed its most prominent victims when the paper’s editor and his deputy resigned.

Writer's suspension sees morale hit rock bottom at New York Times

THEY called it "working magic" and Rick Bragg, a Pulitzer Prize winner, was acknowledged as one of the best colour writers the New York Times possessed. So, when he began a story on the struggles faced by oystermen in Apalachicola in his trademark style, no-one thought anything was untoward.

Former reporter mocks bosses for believing his lies

FORMER New York Times reporter Jayson Blair poked fun at his former bosses in a bizarre interview yesterday, saying he "couldn’t stop laughing" over the newspaper’s account of how he made up and stole his stories.

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