Natwest Three

Natwest Three

Son forced into guilty plea, says Godman

TRISH Godman MSP, the mother of one of the NatWest Three bankers facing jail in connection with an Enron-related fraud, said yesterday her son pleaded guilty with "deep reluctance."

NatWest Three plead guilty over Enron fraud

IT IS the case which has broken the back of the frenetic, testosterone-driven, bonus-led life of the City.

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Legal blow for "NatWest Three"

All but one of 36 former colleagues called by the "NatWest Three" - David Bermingham, Giles Darby and Gary Mulgrew - to speak in their defence against Enron-related fraud charges has refused to meet with their lawyers.

Banker died 'after telling of fraud case fear'

THE widow of a NatWest fraud trial witness told an inquest yesterday that her husband died within days of telling her he feared being "dragged into" the case.

Reid 'delight' as Senate backs extradition treaty

HOME Secretary John Reid has welcomed the approval by the US Senate yesterday of a controversial extradition treaty with the UK.

NatWest Three trial likely to be delayed

THE NatWest Three will not be ready for trial in the United States in September because two of the former bankers are looking for new lawyers.

British bankers are told that they cannot fly home to await trial

THREE British bankers facing fraud charges must stay in the United States while awaiting trial, after a judge yesterday called them "a flight risk".

MSP mother of Enron fraud suspect condemns son's extradition to US

TRISH Godman, the deputy presiding officer of the Scottish Parliament, and mother of one of the so-called "NatWest Three", spoke out for the first time yesterday to condemn her fellow Labour politicians for not doing enough to prevent her son being extradited to the United States.

MSP attacks Labour over NatWest Three

THE Labour MSP and mother of one of the British bankers extradited to the US over fraud allegations has attacked her party colleagues, claiming they had abandoned the "presumption of innocence" for the trio.

Bail granted to 'NatWest 3' accused of £11m fraud in US

BAIL has been granted to three British bankers accused of an £11 million fraud and extradited to the United States.

NatWest Three fly out to face trial in the US

THE three former NatWest bankers accused of an £11 million fraud began their extradition journey to the United States today.

Banker linked to 'Natwest Three' found dead

THE BODY of a former Royal Bank of Scotland executive linked to the "Natwest Three" case has been found in east London.

Extradition date for NatWest 3

THREE former NatWest bankers charged with Enron-related fraud will be extradited to the United States on Thursday, their solicitor said today.

A one-way relationship

THE case of the NatWest Three will reach its conclusion, in this country at least, over the next few days. It is rapidly becoming a cause célèbre and deserves to be because of the far wider issues that it gives rise to.

Executive plan for NatWest three

SCOTTISH ministers have dramatically entered the row over the extradition of the so-called NatWest Three group of bankers by backing the campaign to prevent them being deported to the US.

Case of the NatWest Three

IN MANY people's eyes, Gary Mulgrew is just another City banker who went too far. Caught up in the high-octane, testosterone-fuelled, bonus-led culture of the Square Mile, he and his colleagues, David Bermingham and Giles Darby, were intoxicated by the lure of huge financial rewards and pushed the boundaries beyond legal limits.

Blair to aid 'NatWest Three' with bail appeal

UNDER mounting pressure over the extradition of three British bankers to the US, Tony Blair yesterday made a public appeal for the American authorities to allow the men to serve their bail at home in Britain.

RBS 'facing backlash' over extradition of NatWest trio

ROYAL Bank of Scotland is facing a business backlash over its role in the planned extradition of three former NatWest bankers, former CBI director-general Sir Digby Jones claimed today.

Royal Bank faces pressure over bankers in Enron case

THE Royal Bank of Scotland was last night under growing pressure to hand over a crucial document that could halt the extradition of three bankers from its subsidiary NatWest to the US to face fraud charges linked to the collapse of energy firm Enron.

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