National Theatre plan

National Theatre plan

Black Watch is big draw for audiences in the Big Apple

BLACK Watch, the award-winning National Theatre of Scotland production, has sold out in New York.

The tip of the iceberg

THE Edinburgh Festival begins, and for the National Theatre of Scotland the pressure is intense.

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MSPs to see Black Watch

THE award-winning play Black Watch is to take centre stage in the festivities at the official opening of the Scottish Parliament later this month.

Black Watch play to march on New York

AN acclaimed show from last year's Edinburgh Festival is to be staged in both Los Angeles and New York later this year.

Black Watch play set for tour of duty in the US

AN AWARD-winning Scottish play is being tipped to become a major success in the United States.

Black Watch set to march on New York

THE hit play Black Watch is set to tour the US in September, with month-long runs planned in New York and Los Angeles, it emerged yesterday.

Red Road star to take lead role in NTS production

THE star of the award-winning film Red Road returns to the stage in the National Theatre of Scotland's second season, it was announced yesterday.

After hit-and-miss year, National Theatre is winning over critics

IT HAS toured 44 cities, towns and villages across Scotland, reached 100,000 people and won 11 awards - all in its first year.

Curtain up on autumn shows

TICKETS have gone on sale for the autumn season of shows being staged by the National Theatre of Scotland.

Big Five arts companies to share £2m Executive bonus

A £2 MILLION boost in funding for Scotland's national performing arts companies will be announced today by the culture minister, Patricia Ferguson.

Cumming wants to act at home

ONE of Scotland's finest actors has revealed he wants to return to work with the new National Theatre, it was revealed yesterday as the annual Tartan Week celebration got underway in New York.

For one weekend, all the world's a stage - or all the country, at least

IT'S half past six on a chill February evening in Aberdeen, and a new era in Scottish theatre begins not with a bang, but with the familiar rattle of a small hopper bus, carrying an audience of excited theatregoers out to the edge of the city. Waiting for us in the Middlefield estate are 20 actors, young and old, professional and community; and six unoccupied flats on the same low-rise staircase, each with a nameplate on the door featuring the word "Home".

Should we give public money to political theatre?

Here it is at last, then: the National Theatre of Scotland, bursting into bloom.

National Theatre? Kids' stuff

HE is best known for his role as a hard-hitting Glaswegian detective, solving gruesome murders and snaring the city's gang bosses.

Dream theatre becomes reality

AS WE approach the opening night of the National Theatre of Scotland, a long-awaited moment for the theatre community and audiences of Scotland is about to arrive.

Stars come home for theatre's launch play

A HOST of television stars have been lined up to tread the boards for the launch of the National Theatre of Scotland in Edinburgh.

Hall takes on Holyrood role

A LEADING concert venue is to stand in for the Scottish Parliament to play host to a major show heralding the launch of the National Theatre of Scotland.

National Theatre gets ready for take-off

THE THEATRE company that took over the back corridors of a Debenhams department store for an award-winning Fringe Festival show this summer has been given a new venue: Edinburgh Airport.

National theatre's taster draws in leading lights

THE eyes of the Scottish theatre world were last night on the premiere of a play seen as a dry run for the leading figures in the new National Theatre of Scotland.

Dramatic role as a champion for theatre

SCOTLAND’S theatre world was stunned when Vicky Featherstone was appointed the first director of the new National Theatre of Scotland last year.

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