My Scotland

My Scotland

James Paterson: Theatre Royal, Glasgow

IT’S AN overwhelming question, but after some consideration and discussion with my wife, it came to me that my favourite place is the theatre, in particular the Theatre Royal in Glasgow where I started my professional career.

Jim Gellatly: Dens Park, Dundee

AS A lifelong supporter of Dundee FC, Dens Park has to be my favourite place, even though I’m too young to remember the glory days of my club in the 1960s and, to be honest, the miserable times outnumber the great.

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Laura Hird: Firth of Forth

The Edinburgh-born author, Laura Hird, received enormous critical acclaim in 2000 for her debut novel, Born Free. A new collection of her stories will soon be published by Canongate.

Catherine Lockerbie: Iona

MY HEART is scattered around different parts of Scotland at different times of year. In August, it lives in Edinburgh’s Charlotte Square Gardens, at the Book Festival. Midnight in the gardens is magical, when silence and darkness descend briefly before the next teeming morning, the words and thoughts of the world’s great writers still echoing in the night.

Martin Boyce: Tiree

MY FAVOURITE place is Tiree. We’ve got friends who holiday there every year and we’ve joined them a number of times. They’ve been going there for a long time now, and know where to find all the really remote, secluded beaches on the island. You usually have to drive over a field to get to them. The bit I like best is called Happy Valley.

Gavin Bell: On the waterfront

IT'S a piece of wood in the Clyde. I only started sailing a couple of years ago and I have a lovely old wooden boat called Nimbus. She’s 23ft long and made of larch with oak beams with a big spruce mast - a very traditional old boat. There’s room in it for me, a friend and a dog, so it’s just about the right size.

Heather Reid: Ullapool

MY favourite place is the Ullapool area in the north-west. It’s so romantic - it’s the first place my husband and I went for romantic weekends. Then, when we got married 18 months ago, we went for a few days of our honeymoon.

David Ross: Wallace monument

I love every aspect and facet of Scotland with all my soul - the Borders, the Highlands, the cities and the Hebrides. If my life depended on having to pick just one thing, though, I’d have to say the drive towards Stirling.

Alexandra Tolstoy: Edinburgh

I COMPLETED my MA at the University of Edinburgh, so that city has to be my favourite place in Scotland. It’s where I made some of my closest friends and enjoyed four very happy and carefree years. We must have been among the most fortunate students in the world, living in the elegant Georgian flats of the New Town and only a short distance from both the sea and the hills.

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