Muslim issues

Muslim issues

UK 'criminalising minority groups'

THE UK government's exploitation of the politics of fear has effectively criminalised entire communities, according to Scottish human rights lawyer Aamer Anwar.

Attitudes Scotland should strive to change

HOW prejudiced is modern Scotland? The latest annual Scottish Social Attitudes Survey, funded by the Scottish Government, was published yesterday. It is encouraging to see that two thirds of us think Scotland should do everything it can to combat racial and other forms of prejudice, though it would have been better if that figure had been nearer 100 per cent.

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Half of Scots see Muslims as 'cultural threat' in wake of terrorist attacks

THE number of Scots who hold discriminatory attitudes towards Muslims has increased over the last three years following the terrorist attacks in London, new figures showed yesterday.

University ban on Muslim comedy attacked

MUSLIM comedians have been banned from performing at a Scottish university in a move described as "ridiculous and undemocratic".

Terrorism? you won't find it here

RADICALISED, weapon-toting potential terrorists plotting evil deeds. The three Asian men sitting in the hushed library at Edinburgh's Central Mosque huddle at a table, speaking quietly, one passes the other a sophisticated mobile phone and waits for news.

Religion 'is no excuse for inequality'

AS HER husband works to bring about peace between Israeli Jews and Palestinian Muslims, Cherie Blair yesterday put both religions in the dock over their unequal treatment of women.

Beyoncé cancels over fears of Muslim row

BEYONCÉ Knowles, the American pop star, has axed her debut concert in Malaysia in protest against the nation's ultra-strict dress code and over fears of a Muslim outcry against her show.

UN investigator defends Islam

THE United Nations investigator on racism yesterday condemned rising Islamaphobia, especially in Europe.

Ceremony starts Islam festival

A MONTH-LONG Islamic festival got under way in the city today with a special ceremony.

Lifting the veil on Islam and democracy

NEXT Monday, millions of Turks will wake up to a new, post-elections Turkey. What will happen is hard to foresee. Turkish politics is full of surprises that only foreigners find surprising. Today, and this seems to surprise most people outside Turkey, it is women, not men, who are at the heart of political debate. Indeed, in these elections, the number of women candidates from all parties has visibly increased and so has overall female political activism.

SNP 'is open to idea' of state schools for Muslims

THE SNP government has signalled it is willing to consider having separate Muslim state schools in Scotland.

Muslims are welcomed as 'the latest of Jock Tamson's bairns'

KENNY MacAskill, the Cabinet secretary for justice, embraced Scotland's muslim community as "the latest of Jock Tamson's bairns" yesterday in an attempt to heal any divisions caused by the terrorist attack in Glasgow.

Teaching Islam will not curb extremism

WHEN Tony Blair spoke at the Islam conference on Monday this week, he did not say much that most of the participants, Muslim or otherwise would disagree with.

Women quiz officers

MUSLIM women were set to put their questions to police at a seminar in the city today.

Muslim women question police

MUSLIM women are to get an opportunity to put their questions to the police in the Capital next week in a session run by the Muslim Women's Resource Centre.

Bus drivers to ask veiled women to show faces

BUS drivers have been ordered to ask women wearing veils in the Capital to show their faces in order to catch out fare cheats.

Nine face terror trial in Australia

NINE men who allegedly stockpiled bomb-making chemicals and vowed to avenge perceived injustices against Muslims have been ordered to stand trial in June for what is Australia's largest terrorist conspiracy.

Man beheaded in militant violence

SUSPECTED Muslim militants beheaded a Buddhist man, shot dead his nephew and set both bodies on fire in Thailand's rebellious far south, officials saidyesterday.

Two beheaded in revenge for mosque blast

SUSPECTED Muslim insurgents in Thailand killed two Buddhist villagers, beheading one of them, and left a note saying the attack was revenge for a deadly weekend bombing at a mosque.

Radical Muslim held on terrorism charges

A RADICAL Muslim best known for his barracking of John Reid was last night charged with inciting terrorism overseas and fundraising.

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