Muriel Spark

Muriel Spark

Spark of inspiration in writer's lost snap

IT may look like the holiday snap any self-respecting photographer would vehemently deny taking.

Friend of Spark halts biography

SCOTS novelist Dame Muriel Spark is holding up the release of an authorised biography of her life from beyond the grave.

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Muriel Spark's estranged son cut out of author's will

DAME Muriel Spark cut her estranged son out of her multi-million-pound will, instead leaving every penny of her assets to the female friend she lived with for 40 years.

Author Litt to give Spark speech

NOVELIST Toby Litt is to this year give the annual Muriel Spark Society lecture held by the National Library of Scotland.

Spark memorial set to join Royal Mile's literary who's who

A MEMORIAL to Muriel Spark is set to be placed at the top of Edinburgh's Royal Mile.

Trust wants community to share stories

AN innovative history project at Dame Muriel Spark's former school is to be pushed forward at a public meeting.

School looks to future with history podcasts

FORMER classmates of Dame Muriel Spark will be able to share their memories of the great author on podcasts in an innovative project to record the history of her old school.

Spark's son: I won't cash in on mum

HE LIVED in her shadow for decades, the years of mistrust and feelings of abandonment finally erupting into a messy, public feud, followed by years of total silence.

We lived out la dolce vita but Muriel never forgot Scotland

SHE was Dame Muriel Spark's confidante and dedicated companion for over 30 years, the one constant in an intensely private life filled with best-selling novels, family estrangements and public scrutiny.

A far cry from Morningside

A BLOOD red sun sets over the rolling hills while the last echoes of a thunderstorm die away almost as quickly as it arrived. The evening song of the birds as they return to their nests in the ancient olive groves is the only other sound that can be heard.

Spark memorial

EDINBURGH's James Gillespie's School is planning a memorial for Dame Muriel Spark, the author and former pupil who died last week.

Edinburgh primed to honour life of author Muriel Spark

A PERMANENT memorial to honour Dame Muriel Spark is being considered by city officials.

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