Munchausen's syndrome by proxy cases

Munchausen's syndrome by proxy cases

D-day for mother's 12-year 'child abuse' fight

A WOMAN accused of trying to murder her baby son will discover tomorrow whether she has won a 12-year legal fight for justice.

Baby-death mothers 'shouldn't face jail'

MOTHERS accused of killing their babies under a year old should not be prosecuted for murder, one of Britain's leading paediatric experts said yesterday.

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Clark 'baby murder' case doctor is let off

THE paediatrician who accused the husband of solicitor Sally Clark of murdering their sons, will not be struck off, a court ruled yesterday.

Mother jailed

A MOTHER was jailed for five years yesterday for killing her seriously ill son by spiking his hospital drip with salt.

Mother who killed son with salt to gain attention locked up

A MOTHER who killed her son because she was seeking attention was behind bars last night.

Doctor facing trial allegations

A DOCTOR who allegedly failed to disclose evidence in the trial of Sally Clark, wrongly convicted of murdering her baby sons, was today appearing before the General Medical Council.

Abuse expert to face court over 'Munchausen' case

SCOTLAND’S leading child-abuse expert, whose diagnosis of the controversial condition Munchausen syndrome by proxy (MSBP) resulted in dozens of children being taken into care, is to be called back to court to justify his actions in a landmark legal case.

Cleared mum denied payout

A MOTHER wrongly jailed for murdering her two cot-death babies has been denied compensation, it emerged today.

Angry parents to confront doctor

A DOCTOR who saw a television documentary and then wrongly accused a father of murder could be struck off tomorrow, amid fresh claims that his evidence has destroyed a Scots family.

Syndrome to go on trial with woman accused of baby's murder

A WOMAN appeared in court yesterday charged with murdering a baby girl 22 years ago.

Scientists find genetic link in cot death puzzle

A GENETIC disorder has been identified that may help solve the riddle of unexplained cot deaths, scientists said yesterday.

Campaigners call for review of care orders

CAMPAIGNERS are calling for an independent review of care orders after hundreds of parents were expected to have their children returned following a landmark legal ruling.

'Whitewash' fear over child abuse review

THE Scottish Executive has been accused of a "whitewash" amid fears that a major review of child protection cases may never be published.

Mothers accuse medical watchdog of incompetence over abuse claims

MOTHERS whose children were taken into care amid allegations of abuse have accused a medical watchdog of incompetence.

UK police join forces to investigate Bibby baby deaths case

DETECTIVES investigating a mother over the deaths of up to eight of her babies are working closely with other police forces across the UK in a bid to piece together her complex family history.

Death register to save young lives

A NATIONAL register of child deaths is to be set up to stop youngsters falling prey to serial killers in their own family, under plans being considered by the government.

Death followed mother as she travelled

IT WAS on the Monday morning of 30 July, 1962, that baby Brian Cunningham lost his life.

Illness that drives mothers to murder for attention

TEN years ago, Beverley Allitt was convicted of murdering four children and injuring nine others in a case that brought the previously obscure Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy famous.

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