Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis

Scottish MS charity 'should break away from London'

MULTIPLE sclerosis campaigners in Scotland should break away from their UK bosses and set up independent branches, the founder of a newly established MS support group in Northern Ireland said last night.

Millions spent, but genetic cures have proved to be a false dawn, says scientist

DOUBTS about the future direction of genetic research were voiced yesterday as scientists questioned the lack of progress made towards cures for common diseases.

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London charity chiefs hit back after Rowling quits MS role

THE row over the running of Scotland's biggest MS charity has intensified with its UK bosses complaining that the body is failing to raise enough money or spend enough on research north of the Border.

Poll finds four out of ten people cannot name one symptom of multiple sclerosis

The poll, carried out for the MS Society revealed that four out of ten respondents were unaware of the problems created by the condition. They include a loss of sight and mobility, fatigue, numbness, bowel and bladder problems, muscle stiffness and spasms.

Genetic findings offer hope for cures

PIONEERING genetic research in Edinburgh could lead to new treatments for diseases such as leukaemia and arthritis.

Genetic hope for MS and cancer patients

SCOTS scientists have discovered genetic "brakes" which could slow down or stop diseases such as multiple sclerosis and cancer, it was announced yesterday.

MS sufferers demand emergency talks over charity's split threat

MULTIPLE sclerosis sufferers are calling for an emergency meeting to discuss the future of MS Society Scotland, amid growing calls for the body to break away from its UK parent charity.

Watchdog will investigate charity row after Rowling quits

SCOTLAND'S charity watchdog is investigating claims that the country's biggest multiple sclerosis charity has been unconstitutionally stripped of its powers by the UK parent body.

JK Rowling quits Scottish MS charity 'riven by row with London'

HARRY Potter author JK Rowling last night resigned as patron of the MS Society Scotland, claiming the charity is being riven by an internal row.

MS sufferer in plea to MPs after assisted suicide appeal turned down

PARLIAMENT is being urged to end the "cruel" uncertainty over the law on assisted suicide after Debbie Purdy, a multiple sclerosis sufferer, yesterday lost her Court of Appeal bid to clarify it.

Breast boost for MS mothers

BREASTFEEDING may protect women from relapses of multiple sclerosis, according to scientists in the United States.

Warning over 'stem-cell tourists'

'I FELT I had nothing to lose. I am just going to get worse and worse anyway. I thought I'd just take the bull by the horns and go for it." Moira Ogilvie was desperate. So the multiple sclerosis sufferer joined an increasing number of Scots going overseas for experimental stem-cell treatment not available in the UK.

Vitamin D reduces risk of multiple sclerosis

TAKING vitamin D supplements during pregnancy and in the early years of life could reduce the risk of developing multiple sclerosis, research suggested yesterday.

Vitamin D deficiency may increase risk of MS

VITAMIN D deficiency before and after birth may increase the risk of multiple sclerosis in some individuals, a study has shown.

New stem cell treatment can reverse crippling MS

A NEW treatment for multiple sclerosis using stem cells could be used to reverse the effects of the disease, research revealed yesterday.

Group focuses on changes to MS treatment

A FOCUS group to help people with multiple sclerosis learn about proposed changes to the treatment of the disease in Scotland is to be set up in the Lothians.

Gene study offers MS treatment hope

SCIENTISTS have discovered a gene that might influence how severely patients suffer multiple sclerosis.

Watchdog's U-turn on drug for MS patients

A DRUG watchdog is today set to reverse its decision on a key drug for multiple sclerosis (MS) patients, making it available to hundreds on the NHS.

New vaccine brings hope for MS patients

A VACCINE to stop the progression of multiple sclerosis has produced encouraging results, scientists said yesterday.

Ultraviolet rays may protect against developing disease

PEOPLE who spend more time in the sun as children may have a lower risk of developing multiple sclerosis, research suggests.

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