Motoring issues

Motoring issues

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Motoring news: Range Rover Evoque is Scottish Car of the Year 2011

THE ALARMINGLY sexy Range Rover Evoque took the top accolade at the 2011 Scottish Car of the Year Awards run by the Association of Scottish Motoring Writers in Glasgow at the weekend, writes Stuart Farquhar.

Petrol prices fall but drivers still lose out

DRIVERS in Scotland have missed out on the benefits of a drop in the wholesale cost of fuel, after petrol retailers failed to lower their prices in line with the dip, new figures reveal today.

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Analysis: Driver's focus narrows when help is at hand

More and more concern is being voiced about driver distraction due to the increasing use of mobile phones and other technologies in vehicles.

Traffic jam alert could drive you to distraction

IT IS dubbed a "social network for drivers" and claims to help motorists travelling to the Edinburgh Festival share information about time consuming traffic jams.

Women believe car dealers take them for a ride

More than a third of women believe they are likely to get ripped off by car dealers, while almost half say they are patronised by men trying to sell them cars.

Drivers warned of risk in DIY roadside repairs

Millions of drivers are putting themselves at risk by attempting to repair their vehicles themselves on the roadside, research has found.

Driving poll highlights drugs risk

UP TO 70 per cent of motorists think not enough is being done to tackle the problem of drug-driving, according to a survey.

Deadly danger of dashboard clutter

DASHBOARD clutter is increasing the chances of accidents according to a survey.

Far-Eastern car firms leave Europe trailing in reliability stakes

JAPANESE and Korean used cars are the most reliable but some European makes are cheaper to repair, according to a survey published today.

Cameras cut speed offences

THE number of motorists fined after being caught on camera speeding or driving through red lights in Scotland has halved in three years.

Flirting, fighting and texting driving motorists to distraction

THE average British motorist will own 26 cars, cover nearly 300,000 miles and exceed the speed limit 18,165 times during their driving lifetime, according to a new survey.

Scots still pay most for fuel as oil prices yo-yo

FUEL prices have bounced back to near last month's levels despite the release of oil reserves, the Automobile Association reported today.

Drivers love Land Rover, faults and all

A FAULT-plagued Land Rover is one of Britain's most loved cars, according to the country's largest annual satisfaction survey.

Mild West best for driving tests

WANT to know the secret of passing that dreaded driving test first time? Take it in the rural west of Scotland.

Reason for optimism despite new car sales dip

NEW car sales in Scotland slipped into reverse in June, but didn't fall as fast as those for the UK as a whole thanks to the larger portion of retail rather than fleet sales north of the Border.

Motorists benefit as Asda price cut fuels forecourt petrol war

SUPERMARKET giant Asda sparked another battle in the forecourt fuel price war yesterday by announcing plans to cut a further 2p a litre off the cost of its petrol and diesel.

Road fatalities in Scotland tumble to 60-year low

THE number of people killed on Scotland's roads has dropped to the lowest level since records began more than 60 years ago.

Two out of three drivers use car less as cost of fuel soars

TWO-THIRDS of motorists are cutting back on driving due to rising fuel prices, according to a new survey.

Motorists are 'ripped off' as oil price fall not passed on

DRIVERS are suffering new fuel price increases after being "ripped off" by previous oil price falls not being passed on, Britain's biggest motoring group claimed today.

Scots drivers among worst for speeding in Britain, warns AA

FROM poor signalling and speeding to talking on mobile phones and not wearing seatbelts, the full extent of British drivers' sloppy habits is laid bare in a new survey published today.

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