Moscow theatre siege

Moscow theatre siege

Children flee siege in a hail of bullets

RUSSIAN special forces today stormed a school where armed terrorists were holding hundreds of adults and children hostage.

Russians start talks with school hostage terror gang

RUSSIAN authorities have begun talks with an armed gang which is holding more than 350 adults and children hostage at a primary school.

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Moscow siege lawsuit

TWENTY more victims of October’s Moscow hostage raid by Chechen rebels plan to join a lawsuit seeking compensation from the city government, bringing the total to 81, their lawyer said yesterday.

Siege defeat

A MOSCOW court yesterday rejected three lawsuits against the city brought by victims in the Russian theatre siege.

Moscow theatre siege survivors sue city government for £4.7m

EIGHT victims of the Moscow theatre siege yesterday took their claims for £4.7 million in compensation to the Russian courts.

Defiant cast of Nord-Ost stages emotional reprise

Performers of the Russian musical "Nord-Ost" were greeted with tears and applause as they put on two shows to commemorate those killed when Chechen gunmen burst into their theatre and took hundreds hostage.

Hostage toll rises to 128

RUSSIAN prosecutors have said 128 people died during the Moscow hostage crisis, eight more than previously revealed, news agencies in the country reported today.

Theatre siege rebels all dead

RUSSIAN prosecutors said today that they have no evidence that any Chechen rebels escaped from the Moscow theatre where they had held hundreds of hostages .

Troops die in Chechen war as hostages laid to rest

A RUSSIAN helicopter attempting to land near the military’s main base in Chechnya was shot down by a missile yesterday killing all four aboard.

Anaesthetic detected in body of theatre hostage

AN anaesthetic called Halothane has been found in the system of a hostage who survived the storming of a Russian theatre by Russian special forces.

Moscow body may be US hostage

THE US Embassy said yesterday that it had located a body believed to be that of an American who died during the hostage-taking at a Moscow theatre.

'People are dead but without the special forces, all would be dead'

IT WAS not until I actually heard his voice that I realised quite how worried I had been.

No safe solution says Tony Blair

TONY Blair refused yesterday to criticise the Russian authorities over their decision to use gas to end the Moscow theatre siege, as pressure grew for them to reveal the noxious substance.

British family fly home after siege

A BRITISH family who escaped the Chechen rebels in Moscow last night said they were “extremely happy” to be back home after their ordeal.

Unrepentant Putin goes on offensive

RUSSIAN president Vladimir Putin was boldly unrepentant yesterday over using a secret, deadly gas to break the Moscow theatre siege, warning that he would again meet terror with extreme force.

Analysis - Tough-talking Putin seizes initiative

WHEN the gas started pumping into the Moscow theatre on Saturday morning, those who took that dangerous decision were surely aware that in neutralising the terrorists they would threaten extensive loss of life among the hostages.

Russia's killer gas is named by the US

AMERICAN officials believe they have identified a gas used by Russian special forces which killed more than 100 hostages being held in a Moscow theatre by Chechen rebels - and revealed one of the victims was an American.

Putin policy on Chechnya fails to bring 'solution'

VLADIMIR Putin may have brought an end to the Moscow hostage crisis, but he now faces the wrath that follows the death of more than 100 citizens, most of whom seem to have died at the hands of their rescuers.

Putin now facing tough questions

FEW world statesmen would wish to find themselves in the position of Vladimir Putin this morning.

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