Morvern Callar

Morvern Callar

The enigma of Morvern Callar

Morvern Callar (15)

Sam’s centre stage

MOVIE star Samantha Morton brought a touch of glamour to the Capital when she stepped out for the premiere of her new film Morvern Callar.

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Morvern Callar

Director: Lynne Ramsay

direct action

IN Lynne Ramsay’s mesmeric new film, Morvern Callar, there are two young women. The heroine, Morvern, is a supermarket worker who blinks into consciousness one morning and discovers that her boyfriend has committed suicide. On a computer screen he has left a note saying sorry, and the text of a novel. Morvern smokes a cigarette, deletes her boyfriend’s name and claims the novel as her own.

Morvern Callar

I think Lynne’s a genius, she’s a true artist, declares Samantha Morton, describing her Morvern Callar director Lynne Ramsay.

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